S-4/Facilities - Energy Department

Energy awareness MONTH - October 2021

The 2021 Energy Action Month theme is “Power Yourself, Power The Mission”. This year, Marine Corps Base Hawaii will observe Energy Awareness Month through various activities to encourage personnel aboard the Base to take action in saving and efficient use of energy.

"Power Yourself, Power the Mission" Milage Competition
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"Future Energy Ambassadors" Coloring Competition
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What does Energy Awareness mean to you? How do you contribute to Marine Corps Base Hawaii through your roll in MCBH Energy-Utilities Branch?

"My role in the energy branch is to help move both renewable and backup diesel generation energy projects forward that reduce our utility cost, increase renewable power percentage, and deliver better base resilience. It is also to support the smooth operation of the electrical distribution system. The more that we can reduce base consumption and increase renewable generation, the better off we will be."

- M. Ray

"Energy awareness enables each of us to help ensure MCBH has the resources it needs to accomplish the mission. Saving energy and water provides resilience in times of need. It provides financial savings to support the mission. It helps the Corps remain versatile and operational."

- C. Looney

"What energy awareness means to me as the MCBH Energy NCO and working at the MCBH Energy Branch for Base Facilities is to help change the culture which create ethos with all Marines that being energy efficiency, saving energy, water, fuel, etc. This benefits the Marine Corps by reducing energy costs and allows the budget to go to Warfighting. Which is in my opinion the Marine Corps Mission.

Energy is a large part of our base operations. The less we spend on unnecessary energy and utilities, the more we have to spend on the mission. Reducing energy consumption is also critical for base resiliency in the event of a disaster where we may lose utilities. The more that each of us can identify wasteful energy use, such as inefficient water fixtures or leaks, lights that are on 24/7 for no reason, irrigation watering the concrete etc, the more that we can ensure mission accomplishment."

- LCpl Soberanisradill

Marine Corps Base Hawaii