S-4/ECPD/ Stormwater Program

No Dumping. Drains to ocean. Stormwater is the water that flows over the ground after it rains. As it makes its way over lawns, streets and other surfaces the water can pick up pollutants (litter, pet waster, fertilizers, etc.) and carry them downstream to the ocean.

Stormwater management at Marine Corps Base Hawaii is a critical part of the base's environmental stewardship. The MCBH has implemented a variety of methods to manage stormwater runoff, including the construction of infiltration basins, swales, vegetative swales, and culverts. These features capture, filter, and slow the runoff, preventing pollutants from entering the native water of Hawaii and helping to reduce flooding. MCBH has a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) in place that outlines best management practices and strategies to reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff for construction, industrial, and commercial locations.

Please call the Spill Response Hotline if you see anything other than rainwater entering into any of the storm drains on MCBH:  (808) 630-8246 AND (808) 496-3088.
Washing of personal vehicles is permitted. Please use phosphate free car wash soap. Government vehicles must be washed at wash racks.
Owners must pick up their pet waste. No pet is allowed to roam free. All pets must be kept under your physical control at all times.
The Permit requires that any MCB Hawaii employee, contractor or employees of contractors applying registered pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, (i) work under the direction of a certified applicator, (ii) follow the pesticide label information, (iii) comply with all other State, City, or Federal regulations for corresponding chemicals.
Vehicle maintenance is not authorized in any parking area on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Authorized vehicle maintenance area is at FIVE-O MOTORS.
Marine Corps Base Hawaii