S-4/ECPD/ MCBH Fishing Regulations

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Base Order P1710.1 (Jun 2012) - Changes to the Fishing regulations occurred on Jun 2017. Included in the revisions are species bag and size limits and equipment restrictions.
State Fishing Regulations apply on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. In Addition to State and Federal Laws, MCBH Has Its Own Prohibitions & Restrictions!


Gear Restrictions

The following are excerpts of regulations & restrictions. For questions regarding the MCBH fishing regulations, please contact MCB Hawaii Animal Control Section at (808) 496-1821 (office) or 808-368-2645.

ONLY Barbless Fishing Hooks may be used when fishing! Crimping down the barb on hooks is permissible.
• Only 2 poles allowed for every person actively fishing.
• Attend your fishing gear at all times.
PROHIBITED to use gill nets, lay nets, or cross nets. Throw nets must have a minimum stretched mesh size of more than two inches.
• Crab nets shall be more than three feet in diameter and limited to three nets per person.
• Spear guns must be registered with MPD (Base Security and Access Control Order). You must accompany children under 13 years old if they are using or possessing a spear gun (“arbolete” type).
• Scoop nets may be used for the capture of bait fish (nehu); however, the nets with handle cannot exceed three feet in length.



• If you Cannot Identify the Species- Catch & Release ONLY!Photo of a person fishing.
• No Rod & Reel Fishing at Pali Kilo Cove
• No Chumming or Dumping Food Scraps in the Water to Lure Fish anywhere on MCBH
• No Collection of Seahorses
• No Collection of Marine Animals for Personal Use.  You shall not collect marine animals for commercial sale or use in personal aquariums on MCBH.
• Release of Aquatic Animals in MCBH Waters.  Do not release any type of aquatic animal in MCB Hawaii waters because it may contribute to non-native animal invasions.
• Taking or Damaging Coral or “Live Rock.”  State Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 13-95 prohibits taking, breaking, or damaging, with any implement, any stony coral or live rock. Many animals depend on rocks or coral to survive.
• ‘Opihi (Limpet) Picking.  Do not take limpets (otherwise known as ‘Opihi) on MCBH. The number of ‘Opihi are declining in Hawaii due to over-picking.
• Wana (Sea Urchin).  Do not take Wana (sea urchin) on MCB Hawaii. The number of Wana on base are declining and the venom from their sting may be hazardous to your health.
• Ula (Spiny Lobster) and Ula papa (Slipper Lobster).  Due to massive declines of lobster populations in the waters of ‘Oahu, fishing of these animals is prohibited on MCBH.
Crabbing is prohibited in the Mokapu Central Drainage Channel (MCDC) or the Nu’upia Ponds Wildlife Management Area.

All fishermen must have on their person, at all times, appropriate identification and/or documentation establishing their eligibility to fish while on MCBH and render it upon request!


Without Permits

Active duty, retired and reserve military personnel, their dependents and house guests, civilian personnel permanently employed aboard MCBH, current MPD animal control officer auxiliaries, civilian personnel who were employed and retired aboard MCBH, and children younger than 13 years old when accompanied by a person entitled to fish, do not need fishing permits.


Requires a Permit

All persons 13 years of age or older, who are not entitled to fish as listed above, must have a fishing permit. All permits will be valid for 3 months and issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Permit holders may fish from: ½ hour before sunrise to ½ after sunset daily
Permit holders are ONLY allowed to fish at the Fuel Pier & Ft. Hase
Attend all of your fishing gear at all times

Map of MCBH Fishing Areas

Catch Regulations



For More Information contact Marine Corps Base Hawaii Animal Control Section at (808) 496-1821 (office).


Authorized Fishing Locations
Map of authorized fishing areas

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