Legal Assistance/MCBH Agencies & Regulations

Social Agencies

Weapons Regulations



Personnel arriving at MCB Hawaii have the following resources available to them for assistance with personal or family problems:


Military Spouse Abuse Shelter -- 533-7125

The Military Spouse Abuse Shelter provides shelter for victims of abuse who are active duty members, dependents or retired individuals. This can include children. Additionally counseling is provided to these individuals (group and individual) in this area of interest. This phone number is a twenty-four hour crisis line and transportation to and from the shelter is provided. Some child development screening and activities are provided for children.

Child Protective Services -- 832-5300

CPS provides for the welfare of children who are victims of abuse and also becomes involved in the investigation of cases of abuse.

Family Advocacy -- 257-7781

Family Advocacy assesses the needs and treatments that a family or individual might need as a victim or a perpetrator in an abuse case.

Navy Marine Corps Relief -- 254-1327/1328

Navy Relief will help provide money for basic living expenses (rent, etc.), transportation, emergency leave, repairs to vehicles which are the only means of transportation for work and some types of medical and dental care. Any moneys provided through Navy Relief will require the setup of a repayment plan. Budget counseling and baby layettes are also available for free.

Red Cross -- 257-8848

The Red Cross provides emergency communications between service members and their families. This includes verification of emergencies and situations that would allow for emergency leave. In some emergency cases the Red Cross may make interest free loans for transportation. The Red Cross can provide other verification in family matters.

Family Service Center -- 257-7786

The Family Service Center provides family counseling and family oriented workshops. A very useful seminar is the Marriage Skills Workshop which is highly recommended for military members who expect to get married or for newlywed couples. Both parties are invited to attend. Anger and stress management, balancing a checkbook, pregnancy counseling and information, contraception counseling and information are all available through this local office.

Armed Services YMCA - 254-4719

The Armed Services YMCA provides family counseling and educational classes. The classes include Women's Awareness Programs, General Equivalency Diploma (GED), Lamaze, parenting, dog obedience, drivers education and training. They also run the quarterly swap meet (flea market) on board the MCBH.

Chaplains Office - 257--3552



The possession of privately--owned firearms, weapons, explosives, ammunition, pyrotechnics, or chemical agent devices aboard MCBH is prohibited. The following are the exceptions to this general rule:

Registered firearms and weapons;

Registered knives with blades greater than four inches in length;

Small amounts of gunpowder for sport reloading;

Rifles and/or pistols brought aboard the base for the purpose of participating in officially sponsored marksmanship competitions or officially sanctioned recreational shooting at the Base rifle and pistol ranges.

You may register your weapon at the Pass House at the main gate, Building 1637. If you buy a weapon on base, and immediately remove it, it need not be registered. Shotguns for competition or recreational use must be removed from the Base on the same day they were brought aboard. Always transport your weapon unloaded, on safe, and in a locked trunk. Never conceal your weapon unless authorized to do so by the Federal Government or the State of Hawaii.

State of Hawaii Regulations

Hawaii Statutes require the registration of any rifle, pistol, shotgun, knife in excess of four inches or a spear gun. Registration is in downtown Honolulu with the Honolulu Police Department.  

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