S-7/Security & Emergency Management

Stay Alert / Stay Alive

Report suspicious activity occurring on or near an installation through Eagle Eyes:

Dial 9-1-1 to report suspicious activity occurring away from an installation or an immediate threat.


State Weather & Emergency Information


Weather Report

(CAC) Access

Make a Plan
Hurricane Center

Build a Kit

Get Involved
HI Emergency Alerts




Installation Protection Director: 808-496-8845
Emergency Management Specialist/Planner: 808-496-8819
AT/CIP Analyst: 808-496-3023
CBRNE Protection: 808-496-8820
EOC Coordinator: 808-496-8460



3 Steps to Readiness

  • Make a plan for yourself and your family to know where to go, what to do, who to contact, and what to take when faced with an emergency. 

  • Build a kit for your home, office, and vehicle that will sustain you for at least 72 hours. 

In taking these steps, you improve the safety, security, readiness, and resilience of you and those around you. By living a life of preparedness, you are helping the Marine Corps maintain its reputation as the Premier Force in Readiness.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii