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Emergency Notification System Enrollment

AtHoc is the MCB Hawaii Mass Notification System used to contact personnel and family members aboard the installation in an emergency.  AtHoc utilizes phones, texts, emails, and computer pop-up messages to notify its registered users  during an emergency.

Here are some examples of the type of information passed:
• Hurricane, tropical storm and other destructive storm information, and how to protect against the impending weather.
• Earthquake and tsunami alerts.
• Active Attacker alerts.
• Any other emergency information that could potentially save the lives of base personnel and their families.

Per DoD Instruction 6055.17 - DoD military and civilian personnel and contract support are required to provide normal duty hours information as well as after duty hour’s information. Family members are highly encouraged to provide their information.

If you have access to the MCEN you can access Self Service at: make sure you select email cert when prompted and update your information to include your current duty station if you are no longer stationed at MCB Hawaii.  If you can access the MCEN with your government CAC you can update your information HERE.

If you are having difficulties accessing Self Service or would like to register a family member, or work at Camp Smith but live on MCB Hawaii please contact the EOC Coordinator at 808-257-8460 and provide the following information:
EDIPI or DoD ID (If Applicable)
Rank / CIV / CTR / Dependent
Legal First and Last Name
Unit Association (i.e. HQBN, 3rd Marines)
Personal Email Address
Base Station (MCBH / Camp Smith)

Once the profile has been updated or created you will receive instructions on accessing the AtHoc app.

Installation Protection Office
Hours of Operation: M-F 0700-1600

Marine Corps Base Hawaii