Legal Assistance/Taxation

Among the areas addressed by the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) (internal link) discussed earlier is taxation. The SCRA benefits the service member by exempting your service pay and personal property from taxation by the state where you are stationed; however, you are subject to the income tax and personal property tax of your home state, your state of domicile (see section entitled DOMICILE) (internal link). Some states exempt service members from state taxes. Check with your administration section and your home state tax department to determine if you are exempt.

To obtain forms or information about HAWAII'S DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION, visit their site.

Federal forms or general information on the IRS.



You are responsible for paying all appropriate state and federal taxes. You should have copies of both the federal and state tax returns you filed for the last six years. If you do not file your taxes you may forfeit your refund. Penalties are also imposed for the late payment of taxes. It is a federal crime to evade federal taxes or not filing when you had a duty to file. Therefore maintaining your records is very important.

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