Requirement for Transient Aircrew and Air Passengers During COVID-19

Due to limited support capacity aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) and Restriction of Movement (ROM) requirements, transient aircrew and air passengers must make the following arrangements prior to arrival at MCBH. Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Kaneohe Bay may deny airfield access to transient aircrew and air passengers who fail to make the proper arrangements.  In order to maintain COVID-19  “bubble-to-bubble” compliance, military members should billet onboard a military installation.

  1. Overnight lodging should be arranged with the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) and  “5 Palms” Facility.  The 5 Palms is 5-minute walking distance from MCAS Kaneohe Bay.  While booking your reservation state that you are a transient aircrew or passenger.  Phone Number 808-257-2409.

  2. Transportation can be arranged through the Commercial Rental Car Agency on MCBH.  Transportation IS REQUIRED IF THERE IS NO BILLETING AT 5 PALMS.  Rental car agency is able to stage vehicles at MCAS Kaneohe Bay.   Phone number 808-254-0808 and 808-261-4283.  While booking reservation state that you require rental vehicles staged at MCAS Kaneohe Bay. 

  3. Food establishments hours onboard MCBH are identified at  Food delivery services are available at the discretion of the vendor.  In order to coordinate chow with Anderson Chow Hall for pick-up (NO DELIVERY), call 808-257-1312.

  4. If unable to comply with the requirements above, call MCBH CDO NLT 48 hours prior to arrival 808-330-9636.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii