S-4/ECPD/ Seal or Turtle Reporting

The Threatened & Endangered Species Act and its amendments impose sever civil fines and criminal penalties if a person intentionally harasses or harms a turtle and/or monk seal. If a turtle and/or monk seal comes ashore, all persons and pets must remain 100 feet away from them. Do NOT attempt to feed or water them.  Alert the Environmental Dept!

Have you seen a Hawaiian monk seal or sea turtle on MCBH’s beaches or in the ocean? Please alert the lifeguards, then call the NOAA Hotline IMMEDIATELY. Doing so will help us gain valuable information about seal survival, habitat use and reproduction of these endangered animals.
Monk Seal Sighting Hotline:  (808) 220-7802 **

A stranded sea turtle is defined as any ocean turtle found dead, injured, sick, tumored, or otherwise abnormal appearance and out of the water, usually along the shoreline or just off-shore in nearby waters. 
Report stranded, injured, or entangled sea turtles, monk seals, dolphins and whales: NOAA Reporting Hotline (888) 256-9840 **

**Callers should be prepared to tell exactly where the animal is located, whether it appears to be dead or alive, and the size of the animal (estimated weight or length), any obvious injuries, etc.**

Photo of a Hawaiian Green Turtle.


Common Name: Hawaiian Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Hawaiian Name: Honu

Legal Status: Endangered (Federal & State)



Photo of a Hawaiian Monk Seal.


Common Name: Hawaiian Monk Seal (Monachus schauinslandi)

Hawaiian Name: Ilio holo I ha uaua

Legal Status: Endangered (Federal & State)


For additional stranding information, please visit:

Marine Corps Base Hawaii