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MCBH Sustainability Initiatives and Renewable Energy Projects

Commandant of the Marine Corps: “…the way we use energy is essential to the rebalance of our Corps & how we prepare it for the future.”

How does MCBH help the community and meet CMC intent?

  • Possible venue for needed windward power plant.
  • 50 MW capacity; Bio-fuel capable.

  • Currently 5 MW of solar on base.
  • Additional 1.5 MW power coming.
  • Solar hot water provided on all 2,600 homes.
  • Solar with most Military Construction projects.
  • MCBH next steps: Meet SECNAV 50% requirement by 2020. 

Energy Innovation

  • Wave Energy Test Site (WETS).
  • Hydrogen Refueling Station.
  • Camp Smith Micro-grid.
  • MCBH next steps: Hydrogen vehicles & additional wave energy test devices.

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