S-4/Family Housing - How to Apply

Note that any email or email attachment containing sensitive PII, such as Social Security number, date of birth, home address and telephone number, marital status, family member names, sex offender status, etc., must be sent via official DoD email and encrypted and digitally signed in accordance with DoD policy. This type of sensitive PII is contained in a completed DD Form 1746, APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNMENT TO HOUSING; Registered Sex Offender form; and possibly other forms or information that you provide to the Family Housing Office.
The use of unencrypted email or personal email for this type of information is not authorized and presents a risk of exposing your sensitive information to entities that may use your information for malicious purposes.


Location:  1571 Lawrence Road, MCBH Kaneohe Bay
Hours:  MTTF 0730-1530, W 0730-1400

Phone:  Defense Switch Network (DSN Prefix 315) 457-2676 or COMM (808) 257-2676

Toll Free:  1-866-224-7942

Fax:  DSN 457-1259 or COMM (808) 257-1259

Mail:  Family Housing Department, Box 63003, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI  96863-3003


Active Duty personnel with command sponsored dependents attached to MCBH can apply on-line in advanced with proper documentation.  The following documents need to be submitted: 

-    DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing
-    Copy of PCS orders (web orders)
-    Registered Sex Offender Disclosure Statement
-    MCBH Family Housing Applicant’s Statement of Understanding (SOU)
-    Privacy Act Release Letter

Complete all required paperwork and the application and documents to the email address or fax number listed.  Upon receipt, you will be assigned to a Housing Counselor who will respond via email within 24-48 business hours confirming your application acceptance and processing.
Please provide your full SSN is on the application, not your EDIPI and sign in blocks 22 & 25.  The active duty service member must sign all documents, otherwise, a spouse must provide a Power of Attorney if signing on their sponsor’s behalf.  Blocks 16-19 do not have to be filled out.  It is very important to include your personal email addresses and contact numbers for both service member and spouse in the remarks area.  Unfortunately Ohana/Hunt does not use any iCloud accounts, therefore you will need to provide a different email address to receive email communication from them.  You may also select a Neighborhood of Choice (NOC) or let Ohana/Hunt know if you have a preferred NOC when they contact you.


You can also apply in person if you are currently on island. 

-    If the service member is deployed and never lived on base, you can apply on-line in advance and email the application to FHO for processing.  FHO will forward your application to Ohana/Hunt. 
-    Single active duty personnel with BAH established, you can apply on-line in advance however, FHO will only accept the application on Friday’s.  
-    If you want to re-apply or previously lived on base, you can apply on-line in advance however, FHO will only accept your application on Friday’s.
-    A spouse who has POA for Housing, can submit an advanced application with a copy of POA to FHO.  If previously lived on base, the application will only be accepted on Friday’s.     


YES.  Service members attached to MCBH can walk in Monday – Friday.  If not assigned to MCBH; previously lived on base and applied for housing but removed yourself from the waitlist; and/or declined two offers (a local move is not authorized), you must schedule an appointment with FHO.


YES.  If you are interested in PPV housing, attached to MCBH and checking in to MCBH, you are required to report to FHO as stated on your Orders.


Navy:  Stamped Orders & Command Sponsorship Letter (not Page 2)
Marine Corps:  Detaching Orders & Reporting Endorsement (from S-1)
-    Newly married:  YOU MUST UPDATE MARITAL STATUS WITH IPAC AND DEERS.  If you apply within 30 days of your marriage, your Control Date will be backdated to your date of marriage.
Marine Corps:  Dependent Application Form NAVMC 10922 (from IPAC), copy of Marriage Certificate.
Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Marriage Certificate (if married less than 30 days)
-    Dual active couples with command sponsored dependents:  Need paperwork from both service members.
Marine Corps:  Reporting Endorsement, Dependent Verification Letter
Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders
-    In a lease off-base
Marine Corps:  Lease
Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Lease
-    Single/Roommates with BAH established:  All roommates must be present to sign paperwork with Ohana/Hunt.
Marine Corps:  Orders
Navy:  Orders, Page 2
-    Single & Pregnant with BAH established:   You can check with Ohana/Hunt if a neighborhood(s) is available and if you are eligible to move in prior to birth of your child. 
Marine Corps:  Pregnancy Verification Letter (a verification letter must be completed by a Physician)
Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Pregnancy Verification Letter (a verification letter must be completed by a Physician)
-    Advanced Travel of Dependents:  Family members with Approved Advanced Travel of Dependents arriving in advanced of their sponsor must check in to their perspective branch of service (Unit, IPAC and Disbursing) with full POA on behalf of their sponsor before checking in to FHO.
Marine Corps:  Sponsor’s Web/PCS Orders, Reporting Endorsement (from S-1), Advanced Travel of Dependents Approval Letter, POA
Navy:  Stamped Orders, Command Sponsorship Letter (not Page 2), Advanced Travel of Dependents Approval Letter, POA
-    Other branches of service not attached to MCBH
Air Force:  SURF, Orders
Army:  ERB (Enlisted)/ORB (Officers), Orders
Coast Guard:  CGMI (Member Information), CGBI, Dependency Data Sheet
Reserve/Guard:  Active Duty orders under Title 32  


** Please be aware that our PPV partner, Ohana Military Communities’ (OMC) pet restrictions have changed since the release of the 2023 Universal Lease Agreement. In addition to the restrictions, a $250 refundable pet deposit per household will be charged. For any pet-related questions, please reach out to OMC at 808-470-5400, Option 1. **

- Dogs of the following “restricted breeds” (to include any dog with a mix of any such breeds):
Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Bull Terrier or English Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, Presa Canarios, Doberman Pinscher, Chow Chow, Akitas, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, and wolf hybrids.

- Any dog (of any breed) that demonstrates a propensity for dominance or aggressive behavior as indicated by any of the following types of conduct:
Unprovoked barking, growling or snarling when people approach; aggressively running along fence lines (if applicable) when people are present; biting or scratching people or other animals; or escaping confinement or restrictions to chase people.

- Reptiles and fish:
Ex: Snake, lizard, turtle, tortoise, crocodile, alligator, iguana, komodo dragon, newt, gecko, gila monster, electric eels, piranhas, pufferfish, and sharks.

- Arachnids:
Ex: Spider, scorpion.

- Rodents (other than hamsters and guinea pigs):
Ex: Mice, rat, gerbil, mole, beaver, squirrel, porcupine, chipmunk, prairie dog, groundhog, gopher, shrew, bat, hedgehog, raccoon, and skunk.

- Wild or exotic animals:
Ex: Fisher cat, fox, weasel, raccoon, monkey, Ferret, chinchilla, jackal, coyote, wolf, skunks.

- Farm animals:
Ex: Pig, horse, cow, chicken, sheep, goat, and geese.

- Birds of prey:
Ex: Hawk, eagle, buzzard, vulture, owl, falcon, harrier, kite.

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