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Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) attracts a special kind of person and when they become a part of our team; they build upon a legacy that has transcended time.

Since 1952, MCBH Civilians have supported and sustained Warriors through our tightly held Core Values: WE CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, WHAT WE DO, AND OUR SPECIAL PLACE – WE ARE MCBH.    

MCBH provides forward-based, sustainable, and secure training and operational support, facilities, and services to enable Operational Forces to accomplish their mission. For more information on MCBH's mission and history please go here.

MCBH is located on the windward (east) coast of the Island of Oahu.  MCBH is one of the largest employers on the windward coast, employing approximately 500 appropriated fund and 1,100 non-appropriated fund civilian personnel.  MCBH has a variety of jobs that can use your strengths and skills and provide career opportunities to help you grow.  WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR MCBH TEAM!  Become a member of an elite group of people who have chosen a path of service to our Nation.

Interested in joining the MCBH team? Check out the resources below:
Once onboard, you will have access to many development and career progression opportunities available to you:

MCBH has two Human Resources Offices that provide a full range of personnel services depending on the type of job and benefits you desire.  Check out the links below to get started on employment with MCBH.

  • MCBH Human Resources Office – Hiring for jobs that support base infrastructure for military training and facilities, e.g., police officers, aircraft attendants, security assistants, archaeologists, environmental protection specialists, engineers.

  • MCBH Marine Corps Community Services Human Resources Office – Hiring for jobs that support the morale, welfare, and recreation of military members and their families, e.g., child care providers, golf course groundskeeper, life guards, carpenters, retail sales, family advocacy counselors.

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