defy (drug education for youth)

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DEFY Brochure

DEFY Youth Application

DEFY Staff Mentor Application

The Drug Education for Youth (DEFY) Program is dual-phased and open for children ages 9-12. The DEFY program provides children with access and examples of tools and techniques to resist drugs such as developing leadership skills, instilling positive social skills through participation in team building, conflict resolution, and decision-making activities. The DEFY program is also open for Junior Mentors ages 13-17 and Adult Staff ages 18 and up.

Please send completed applications to:


Phase I consists of a non-residential or residential leadership training camp experience. This first phase is structured to provide a focused classroom learning environment that will teach leadership skills, goal setting, and increase self-confidence. Although the classroom is the focus, leadership camps are structured to provide a fun environment that focuses on quality training time while still providing a memorable experience.


Phase II is an 8-month mentoring program throughout the school year in which DEFY youth are matched with an adult mentor team. Mentoring events are built around a curriculum module that is structured to provide reinforcement of skills, techniques, and procedures learned in Phase I. In addition, events are also structured to provide a showcase for the role models represented in each program by the DEFY adults.


The goal of recruitment is to generate a pool of applicants sufficient to provide the desired number of qualified participants. A typical DEFY camp has roughly 20 youth participants usually making up 4 teams of 4-6 youths each.

All applications, found in the link at the top of this page, need to be printed out and returned in person to PMO Services Community Policing office located in building 1095 second deck. All Applications will be received and reviewed in chronological order of receipt. Additional applicants will be informed and placed on a waiting list in the event of cancellations. Parents and guardians will be notified upon acceptance into the DEFY program. All accepted and waiting-list applicants should receive a copy of the Parent/Guardian Handbook. Staff and Parent Orientation is mandatory and must be attended to complete the acceptance process.

traffic court bailiff

PMO Customer Service Center/Vehicle Registration Bldg. 1095
(808) 257-6991 /

Traffic Court

The Traffic Court Bailiff office is in Bldg. 1095 on 3rd St. in the Vehicle Registration Office. Traffic court dates vary. If your ticket does not have a court date written on it and your ticket constitutes a traffic court appearance, you must contact the traffic bailiff to set up a court date. 


For all questions concerning processing of citations aboard MCBH, contact the traffic court bailiff. All citations received on MCBH are based on a point system and each citation is worth a different assessment of points. Points remain active on your base driving profile for one year from the day the citation was received.

Link to Base Codes

Parking Citations

If you accumulate three illegal parking citations within a six-month period, your driving privileges aboard MCBH may be suspended for 30 days.

Moving Violation Citations

If you accumulate 12 or more points within a calendar year, your driving privileges aboard MCBH may be suspended for a maximum of 1 year.

Notification Of Traffic Court

A date for mandatory traffic court will be written on the traffic ticket. If there are questions or concerns, the traffic bailiff can be reached via phone at (808) 257-6991. Additional notification is sent to each command via PMO weekly traffic report and the traffic court docket that is sent the Friday prior to traffic court. Any updates to this base distribution list must be done through the traffic bailiff. 


In the event you need to reschedule traffic court due to executing military orders, you must contact the traffic bailiff and submit a copy of your orders for the rescheduling process to begin. It is imperative that you contact the traffic bailiff BEFORE you leave. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your base driving privileges.

disposition of privately owned vehicles

Base Order 5560.1

The Provost Marshal will be the primary agency in the administration of abandoned vehicles and the primary point of contact for this Order at (808) 257-0183. Due to the increase of abandoned vehicles on Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), a more rigorous process is needed to be established for outbound service members to ensure responsible disposition of privately owned vehicles (POVs). Individual service members bear responsibility for their vehicle’s disposition. Refer to Base Order 5560.1 for a complete reference.

The following steps outline the process each service member departing MCBH will take before proceeding to their unit administration center (or IPAC) for the issuance of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders.

  • Within 5-30 days of departure, all service members will checkout with the Vehicle Registration Office. At that time, the primary owner of any vehicle will complete the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Vehicle Disposition Form (MCBH S-7 Form 5560.1) and take the document to the Vehicle Registration Office. MCBH will not reimburse outbound Marines or family members for the cost of rental vehicles.

  • If the vehicle in question has been sold to a service member aboard MCBH, that individual will accompany the primary owner (service member checking out) to the Vehicle Registration Office. At that time, the primary owner will de-register the vehicle and the new vehicle’s owner will register it. If the new owner is a resident of MCBH and not present, the seller will not be checked out of the Vehicle Registration Office. If the new vehicle’s owner does not work or reside aboard MCBH, the State of Hawaii documents indicating transfer will be verified and a note will be made by the Vehicle Registration Office.

  • If the vehicle in question is shipped or sold/transferred to an organization, then Block 4 of MCBH S-7 Form 5560/1 will be completed and all appropriate transfer paperwork will accompany MCBH S-7 Form 5560/1. The Vehicle Registration Office will contact the gaining organization prior to de-registering the vehicle from the primary owner.

Marines who do not properly check out with the Vehicle Registration Office may be subjected to delays during the Outbound process, which includes cancelled flights.  Also, failure to depart on the scheduled departure date because of an improper check out does not constitute a valid reason to submit for an extension of temporary lodging allowance for additional days incurred.


Vehicle Registration Bldg. 1095, 2nd deck. 3rd St. Kaneohe, HI 96863

MCBH PMO Impound duty phone number: (808) 620-1587

If a vehicle is abandoned or neglected for more than 6 months, PMO Impound will start the process for impound. (Registration/safety expired 6 months or more).

  • To begin the process, Impound will issue a DD2504, Abandoned Vehicle Notice. This form is usually left on the vehicle’s windshield. The vehicle owner must: fix the vehicle or any other applicable solution.

  • If vehicle owner fails to take care of the DD2504, the vehicle will be impounded by PMO.

  • Impound will issue a DD2506, Vehicle Impoundment Report and take the vehicle into PMO Impound for processing.

  • A DD2507, Notice of Vehicle Impoundment will be sent out to the registered owner’s address. The registered owner has 45 days from the DD2507 being mailed out to respond. If no action is taken by the registered owner, after 45 days, PMO Impound will dispose of vehicle as needed.

  • Vehicles can be given to 5-0 Motors for auction, towed off base, or scrapped.  If you believe your vehicle has been impounded by mistake or received any of the forms mentioned above, contact PMO Impound as soon as possible.

police records

Vehicle Registration Bldg. 1095, 3rd St Kaneohe, HI 96863

Direct line: (808) 257-6992

Fax Number: (808) 257-0130

MCBH Police records handles all PMO records, background checks and SAPR security checks.

FOIA Request

For personal records, please contact our local Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at (808) 257-8866 or the below attachment.

Units or Command

Only personnel listed on a unit’s authorization roster or by an appointment letter for the service member/case number are authorized to request records for official purposes. Contact the police records clerk direct line with the service member’s full name, rank, incident date and police report number if available.

Background Checks/Investigators

For any work-related background check, please fax or mail your department’s signed released form.


Provost Marshal Office
ATTN: Police Records Section
Box 63062

lost and found

Items not kept in the PMO Lost & Found:

  • DOD Identification cards or badges will be turned into the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Access badges will be turned over to the issuing agency.

  • For Credit/ATM cards that are turned into lost and found, the lost and found custodian will attempt to contact the owner on the day the item was obtained by the lost and found custodian. If there was no successful contact that day, then the item will be destroyed, and the owner will need to contact the bank for a new card to be issued.

  • For State/Out of State Driver's license that are turned into lost and found, the lost and found custodian will attempt to contact the owner on the day the item was obtained by the lost and found custodian. If there was no successful contact that day, the license will be dropped off at the MCBH post office where it will be mailed to the Motor Vehicle Department of the assigned state.

  • Government property that is serviceable will be relinquished to the Base Supply Office.

Any person claiming to be the owner of found or abandoned property will be required to contact the Lost & Found Custodian for reclamation at (808) 257-8556. A person(s) claiming ownership of the item(s) will be required to provide as detailed a description of the article as possible.

To report a lost item: please send an email to or call (808) 496-8556.

Operation Identification

Crime Prevention Division
Bldg. 1095
(808) 257-4205

Property crimes are highly lucrative for burglars and thieves because most stolen property is not properly identified. This makes it easy to sell these stolen items. Recovered property that lacks personalization identification hampers efforts to locate the owners and return the property and hinders any prosecutorial efforts against the burglars and thieves.

Operation Identification offers personnel residing aboard MCBH, Camp Smith and Manana Housing the opportunity to check out an electronic engraver from the Crime Prevention Office at the Provost Marshal Office. The electronic engraver can be used to engrave any personnel property deemed valuable to the owner. When personnel check out an electronic engraver for participation in Operation Identification, they will also be given educational crime prevention material regarding marking personal property and inventorying personal property.

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