S-6 - Communications & Information Systems


MCBH S-6 provides advanced, reliable, and secure telecommunications to the installation to support its 21st-century voice, data, and video requirements.


IT Support

The Enterprise Service Desk is the central point of contact for customer support:  1-855-373-8762.


Base Intranet

Important announcements, frequently asked questions and other self-help support options are available to base users through the Base Intranet. (


3d Network Battalion manages support for the MCEN. For support, see the following:

Incident: If something isn’t working, report it to the Enterprise Service Desk: Commercial: 1-855-ESD-USMC (1-855-373-8762); DSN: 322-915-3333.

If you have a request to add/install a capability: Call your unit Information Systems Coordinator (ISC) to initiate a service request.

If there are questions about MCEN support or a significant event (something planned or unplanned that caused a large-scale interruption to services): Call 3NCC HI DSN: 315-496-5000; commercial: 808-496-5000.


See below for a list of services we provide. To request one, please submit a Remedy ticket. If unable to or unsure of how to do so, contact us via the S-6 Watch Officer for additional instructions.

Watch Officer
MCB Hawaii, S-6
Office: (808) 496-0602
DSN: (315) 496-0602
After Hours: (808) 630-8295

Services provided by MCBH S-6
Fixed voice Provides unclassified landline, Defense Switched Network (DSN), non-cellular telephone services.
Information technology procurement Aids identifying and authorizing purchases of all information technology aboard MCBH. This includes the Information Technology Procurement Review and Approval System (ITPRAS) process.
Data center management Provides power, space, cooling, and security for servers, routers, and switches that support data networks aboard the base up to the Secret level of classification. This service also allows access to, and addition/removal of services from, the MCBH data centers and area distribution nodes located aboard the base.
Inside plant Provides telecommunications cabling within a building to support tenants’ voice, video, and data requirements.
Outside plant Provides telecommunications cabling and optical networks between buildings to support tenants’ voice, video, and data transport requirements aboard MCBH.
Mobility Provides government-contracted cellular network access with cellular phones and cellular Wi-Fi access points. Only MCBH installation elements qualify for this support.
Spectrum management Manages radio frequency allocation and employment.
Webmaster Provides technical support, training and guidance to SharePoint Site Owners and Administrators, and to Public Website Content Managers.
Project management Plans, coordinates, and manages the telecommunications portion of renovation and construction projects.
Asset management Manages S-6 and telecommunications supplies for the base.
Public address support Provides public address system access and operation support. Only MCBH installation elements qualify for this support.
Land-mobile radio Provides unclassified radio communications across MCBH, with an emphasis on first responder and emergency staff support.
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Node Site Coordinator Coordinates with DISA on behalf of installation elements to provide inter-installation connectivity for their telecommunications transport requirements.
Key management infrastructure Manages communications security and encryption operations for MCBH.
Base Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) Performs such functions as information systems coordinator supervision, authority-to-operate (ATO) facilitation, protected distribution system (PDS) inspections, and System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) processing.


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