The Facilities Department is responsible for real property assets at MCBH.  The department provides planning, programming, design, execution, and professional engineering oversight for construction, utilities management, space management, maintenance, and repairs of facilities.  The department also manages the unaccompanied personnel housing section, operates the Base motor transport fleet, provides environmental compliance and protection services, provides field survey services, and maintains the Base's record drawings and facility history files.



The Environmental Compliance and Protection Division carries out the functions of compliance, pollution prevention, conservation, installation restoration, and training, education, and outreach at MCBH such that we contribute to the combat readiness of our Marines, and protect human health and the environment.


Camp Smith

The mission of MCBH Camp H. M. Smith, as part of Marine Corps Base Hawaii, is to maintain facilities and provide services that support readiness and global projection of operating forces, and to promote the well-being, morale and safety of military personnel, their families, and the civilian workforce.



The Facilities Maintenance Division generates, plans, and accomplishes maintenance of facilities in accordance with existing directives.


Motor Transport

"THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND TRANSPORTATION."  The division aptly called Motor Transport (LFT) provides Garrison Mobile Equipment (GME), such as sedans, trucks, buses, tractors, trailers, mowers, forklifts and other types of equipment to Base and Tenant Activities. On occasion the support is extended to other Federal, State, County and Community activities. Besides providing personnel/GME in support of the Facilities Department's Maintenance Divisions, LFT also provides Guard Mail, Liberty Bus and Tripler Medical shuttles; collection of Industrial Refuse and operates/maintains the only Federally owned Sanitary Landfill in the State of Hawaii.


Unaccompanied Personnel Housing

The Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) Division (formerly Bachelor Housing) operates permanent housing aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii servicing those personnel permanently assigned to MCBH.



Develop and execute the Facilities Department budget.  Provide fiscal accounting services for the major divisions consisting of Utilities, General Engineering Support, Motor Transportation, Recurring Maintenance and Repair, Minor Construction, HQMC funded Maintenance and Repair and HQMC funded Construction.  Provide statistical and historical data to division managers to enable efficient and effective proactive resource management.  


Public Works

To provide Marine Corps Base Hawaii and tenant commands engineering, planning, and utility management expertise and services.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) is the Base of Choice for the 21st century.  It integrates people, technology and system into a World Class Team that supports military readiness, community relations, resource management and leads the Department of Defense in quality, cost control, and customer satisfaction.


  1. To provide comprehensive planning services and project documentation to include MILCON project documentation, R2/M2 project documentation, R1 project management, space planning, Base Master planning, and real estate coordination.

  2. To provide comprehensive engineering and in-house design services to include project design, project plans and specification reviews, project coordination and execution, and study management.

  3. To provide utility management and energy conservation and awareness to include ESPC contract coordination, utility rate setting, budgeting and tracking, and promoting base-wide energy and resource conservation and awareness.


Annual Water Quality Report for MCBH

The drinking water at MCBH is the best in the world.  This report describes where MCBH's water comes from, what was detected in the water in the past year, and how those results compare to standards for safe drinking water.  Click the link below to access the report:
Printable Version (PDF format)

Marine Corps Base Hawaii