MCBH Publications

All existing policies, orders, directives, and processes issued under the command of Marine Corps Base Hawaii remains in effect until changed, cancelled, revised, or superseded by new policy, order, or directive.

MCBH Orders

 MCBH Order  Description
BO 1020.6  MCBH Uniform and Civilian Attire Regulations for Military Personnel
BO 1020.7A  MCBH Civilian Attire Regulations for Civilian Personnel
BO 1500.9B  SOP Ranges and Training Areas
BO 1550.5C  Resident Enlisted Professional Military Education
BO 1560.1B  Adopt A School
BO 1650.1  Beneficial Suggestion Program
BO 1700.17D  Request Mast
BO 1710  Marina Outdoor Recreation Operations
BO 1710.51C  Hospitality Facilities: Inns of the Corps Hawaii
BO 1710.6  Household Employees
BO 1710.75D  Friends of K-Bay Program
BO 1711.1    Hunting Regulations for MCB Hawaii
BO 1730.3B   Command Religious Program
BO 1746.19F  Commissioned Officers Club Bylaws
BO 1746.20C   Staff NCO Constitution
BO 1746.21A   Kahunas Constitution
BO 1752.7   Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
BO 1754.1A   Transition Assistance Management Program
BO 3000.2   UAS ON MCBH
BO 5100.23   Motorcycle Regulations w_Ch 1
BO 5211   Privacy Act Guidance
BO 5233.1A   Litter and Trash Disposal
BO 5233.2 MCBH Pet and Wildlife Regulations
BO 5420.1   Environmental Impact Review 
BO 5532.1 w/Ch 1-3   Access Control Order
BO 5560   Base Motor Vehicle And Traffic Regs w_CH 1-6
BO 5560.1  Disposition of Privately Owned Vehicles
BO 5560.11B   Parking Policy
BO 5760.3C  Establishment and Operation of Private Organizations
BO 5760.5A   Informal Activities and Funds, Fundraising and Birthday Ball Funds
BO 6200.3   Heat Stress
BO 6200.4C   Health Promotion
BO 6280.9   Hazardous Waste Management Plan
BO 7220.1   Admin and Procedures for TLA
BO 11014.20B Grounds Maintenance and Police; Standards and Responsibility
BO 12451.1B   Civilian Incentive Awards Program 
BO 12530.3   Salary Rates and Incentives for Civil Service Personnel
BO 12600.1    Telework Program for Civilian Employees
BO 12792   Wellness Promotion Program
BO 12792.2   Drug Free Workplace Program For Civilian Employees
BO 12792.3   Civilian Employee Assistance Program
BO 12810.2   Federal Employees' Compensation Act
BO P1710.1   Base Recreational Activities W_Ch 1-2
BO 11101.35A w/Ch1  Family Housing Management

Marine Corps Installations Pacific-MCB Camp Butler Order 3000.1


   Personal Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Use Aboard Marine Corps Installation Pacific-Marine Corps Base Butler (MCIPAC-MCBB) 

Marine Corps Base Hawaii