S-4/ECPD/ Coastal & Marine Management - Sand Removal

Removing sand from Oahu’s beaches, public and government lands is illegal

Photo of sandbag being filledThe removal of sand from beaches and shorelines of MCBH for any purpose is strictly prohibited due to the erosional concerns and archeological sensitivity of MCB Hawaii’s shorelines and beaches.

The MCB Hawaii Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) states that sand should not be removed for the protection of our beaches used by endangered marine species, for cultural issues, and for erosion issues.

Hawaii Revised Statutes, Title 12 (Conservation and Resources) Section 171-58.5, prohibits the mining and taking of sand, dead coral or coral rubble, rocks, soil, or other marine deposits seaward from the shoreline or from the shoreline area.

Sand must be procured commercially at local building or home improvement suppliers.

For further information regarding sand removal, contact the Environmental Department’s Cultural Resources staff at 257-7134 / 257-7126.

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