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The Marine Corps Base Hawaii Passenger Travel Office (PTO) is committed to providing guidance and instruction regarding related services and entitlements for the official travel of Marines and civilian employees within a specific geographic area of responsibility. The objective of this section is to provide the correct Line of Accounting/ Standard Document Number (LOA/SDN) to the Transportation Management Company (TMC) (SATO) associated with Passenger Travel.

The mission of the Passenger Travel Office is to establish specific procedures for the administration and management of the Distribution Management Offices for Marine Corps Base Hawaii. We also are committed to providing instruction relative to entitlement for the transportation of Marine Corps personnel and dependents at government expense.

This includes Permanent Change of Station, Separation, Retirement, Temporary Addition Duty and Unit Movements regarding bus transportation and flights.

Port Call Request (PCR)

A PCR is an informative document that is utilized when booking a flight for Marines, Dependents and DoD civilians who are coexistent with the Marines that are preparing to PCS, Separate or Retire.

  • The PCR contains all necessary information from the service member (i.e., Name, Phone number, DOB, Gender, EDIPI, Email, and Dependent info., flight date, etc.)
  • The type of travel must be clearly annotated along with any specific remarks.


  • All service members must utilize GTCC when traveling on PCS orders.

(MARADMIN 001/16)

Pet Travel

Service members that are traveling with pets (dog/cat) must have the following annotated on the PCR; Breed, kennel size (L x W x H), and weight of pet in the kennel. Once the service member receives a flight itinerary, they are responsible for contacting the assigned airline and ensuring that their pet can be accommodated.

*As of January 01, 2024, reimbursement for pet travel is now authorized for pet transportation fees.

(MARADMIN 378/23)

LEave in conjuction WITH orders (licwo)

Service member requesting to take leave in conjunction with their official orders are required to execute a LICWO.

  • Service member will come to DMO 10 business days prior to their flight to sign a LICWO Form. (30 business days prior if pet is annotated)
  • After signing the early ticketing/LICWO  SOU, the member must contact SATO to exchange their ticket to their alternate location.
  • Members are subject to excess cost on their personal credit cards depending on the leisure rate to their requested location.
  • EX: The government rate for a member to PCS to Camp Pendleton from MCBH is $206.50. The service member is requesting to travel to Atlanta Georgia for leave which has a leisure rate of $406.50. The service member is responsible to pay $200.00 out of pocket to cover the remainder of their travel.

An alternate LICWO option; “Travelers are now authorized to self-procure leisure airline tickets through the Travel Management Company (TMC) using any U.S. flag carrier and are responsible for all up-front out-of-pocket expenses.  Travelers will be reimbursed to the government's cost of normal direct point-to-point routing for official travel.  All offsetting expenses will be reconciled and reimbursed through the PCS/EAS travel claim process. The travelers personal credit card must be used for this process. The self-procurement process is only authorized for travelers taking leave in conjunction with orders.”

MARADMIN 470/23)

Certificate of fare (COF)

A COF is a document that is utilized when a service member can execute their Consecutive Overseas Tour/In Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT/IPCOT) incentive. The COF provides a government constructed cost for the travel incentive.

  • EX: A service member is executing COT, DMO will provide them the fare from their current PDS to their HOR then from their HOR to their next PDS.
  • If a member is executing IPCOT, DMO will provide the service member with a fare from their current PDS to their HOR then from their HOR back to their PDS.

Before a COF is created, the service member must provide DMO with:

  • HOR page (DD Form 4/1)
  • Basic orders.

To execute the COT/IPCOT incentive service members must have the MMIB approval letter.

defense travel system (dts)

DTS is a system utilized to review authorizations for traveling on temporary orders. DMO reviews and ensures the authorizations are submitted correctly with the lowest most cost-effective flight selected before advancing the authorization to the next level.

*The Centrally Billed Account may be utilized on case-by-case situations such as a service member not having a GTCC with appropriate justification. The CBA letter with the CO’s Signature must be uploaded in DTS prior to review.

  • CBA letters along with the with the CO’s Signature (If the signature is signed, Acting or By Direction, the supporting letters must be on file.)

DTS may also be used for group travel for a unit with 10 or more members.

DTS Website

Group travel request

Is a multifaceted system used to charter commercial busses and flights. As well as approve Transportation Movement Requests (TMR) for all tenant commands. When units are electing to do movement for training or unit deployments GOPAX is utilized to find the best cost method and best carrier to move large units.  

-Units executing group travel will be required to provide a Group Travel Request Form, Policy Letter and a IBA/CBA TSA Roster. The unit Representative will need to fill out these documents and designate a Point of Contact (POC) who must be a SNCOIC or higher and submit an email to the Distribution Management Office (DMO) at


All applicants are required to have approved and funded orders to obtain an Official Passport. Orders must state a country that requires an Official Passport according to the Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide

Examples of Official Travel Orders include:

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders (must have Eligible Family Members listed on orders)
  • DD Form 1610 orders
  • Memorandum in Lieu of Orders approved by Department of Defense Passport Services Division
  • Deployment/Movement Memorandum approved by Department of Defense Passport Services Division
  • Waivers approved by Department of State Special Issuance Agency

Applying for New Official Passport or Renewing Official Passport

  1. You will need a DS-11 Application (DS-82 Application for Renewal or using Tourist Passport as evidence of U.S. Citizenship) Passport applications must be completed electronically. (Available here) Handwritten applications will not be accepted.               
  1. Print single-sided pages. Double sided applications will not be accepted.
  2. Travel Plans on DS-11 or DS-82 must match travel plans on DD 1056 Form.
  3. At the end of the questionnaire, you will select ‘Passport Book’, then click submit; the next page will allow you to print the PDF form needed for submission. Do not sign your application until requested to do so by a passport agent.
  4. For families – You must start new application for each family member. Do not edit information on initial application to create your family member’s application because the bar codes are unique for each application.
  1. DD 1056 Form is required when applying for a No-Fee Official Passport/Passport Renewal/ Visa
  1. Click HERE to fill out DD 1056 Form for each applicant.
  2. You must provide Destination Country. Will not accept verbiage such as “As Directed”, “World Wide Travel” or “Various”.
  3. Block 12: leave all boxes blank
  4. Block 15: leave blank
  5. Block 18: leave all boxes blank
  6. Block 19: provide reason for going to specified country (for example – Permanent Change of Station)
  1. Evidence of U.S. Citizenship required
  1. Original Birth Certificates ONLY - PHOTOCOPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  2. Current/Expired Tourist Passport 
  3. Expired Official Passport
  4. Naturalization Certificate
  5. Original Marriage Certificate, Adoption Decree, Court Order, etc. if not applying under maiden/birth name
  1. (2) 2” x 2” Passport Photographs
  1. Pictures need to be taken in civilian attire only, must be current and taken within past 6 months. No uniforms, camouflage, or clothing that looks like a uniform (for example, t-shirt worn under uniform). No “tube tops”, spaghetti straps or bare shoulders for females. Eyeglasses must not be worn.
  1. Photo Identification – required for all applicants age 16 and above
  1. Military ID Card- Front and Back
  2. Civilian CAC Card- Front and Back
  3. Dependent ID Card- Front and Back

Ensure all required documents listed above are in your application package before requesting to have your application package reviewed by a Passport Agent. Applications with missing or incomplete documents cannot be reviewed. Do not sign your application until requested to do so by Passport Agent. Passport Agents will execute applications by appointment only.


Distribution Management Office 808-496-3566
Passenger Travel SNCOIC 808-496-6717
Passenger Travel SNCO 808-496-0093
Passenger Travel NCO 808-496-6721
Passport Agent MCBH


Passport Agent Camp Smith 808-477-8747

Duty Cell

SATO 855-729-8690



Marine Corps Base Hawaii