S-7 - Security & Emergency Management


Marine Corps Base (MCB) Hawaii S-7 implements policies; develops plans; prioritizes resources; and provides services, direction, and oversight to support the operating forces, tenant commands, and activities.


Major Tasks

Provide Installation Protection
  • Provide Emergency Management planning, coordination, implementation, and oversight of MCB Hawaii policy and procedures for response to antiterrorism; chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-explosive (CBRNE) detection/mitigation; critical  infrastructure  protection incidents.  Provide oversight of MCB Hawaii Emergency Operations Center and Incident Command Structure using the National Incident Management Structure (NIMS).  Coordinate with local, state, federal and military agencies.

  • Provide Law Enforcement for MCB Hawaii and in support of Operating Forces. These responsibilities include; law and traffic enforcement, criminal and traffic accident investigation, crime prevention and coordination with local, state, federal and military agencies.

  • Provide Security for MCB Hawaii to include perimeter, airfield and waterside.  Coordinate with Tenant Commands aboard the base for security support during higher FPCONs in conjunction with the Anti-Terrorism Plan.  Coordinate and oversee the RAM program.  Provide physical security technology support, access control, security augmentation program development and implementation to enhance the installation force protection posture.  Coordinate with local, state, federal and military agencies.

  • Provide Fire and Emergency Services guidance, and oversight of MCB Hawaii fire protection and emergency services. Fire Protection and Emergency Services include dispatch liaison, structural firefighting, wildland fire fighting, emergency medical services and fire prevention which includes fire inspections, fire safety training and campaigns, and fire evacuation drills.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii