S-4/Family Housing Office


COVID-19 Process:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are not seeing any applicants in person but are processing all applications digitally. Please follow the following instructions and call our office if you have any questions. DO NOT COME INTO THE OFFICE. Once complete, applications will be forwarded to OMC/Hunt for processing. OMC/Hunt will then contact you to continue the housing process.

If you are new to the island you must check in with your unit, IPAC, and disbursing. They are not seeing anyone in person at this time. You can contact them by phone and/or digitally.

Family Housing Office: 808-257-2676

OMC/Hunt Leasing: 808-839-8720, Option #2.

S-1/Admin and Command Sponsor: Contact your UNIT to discuss how they would like you to start your check-in. They may start the check-in process digitally or they may have a person from your unit retrieve your documentation to start the check-in process for you.

IPAC and Disbursing can be contacted at: 808-257-8566

All applicants must complete the required documents on the Family Housing website. If you have submitted an advance application you can skip this step. If you are new to applying for housing the documents are available at: WWW.MCBHAWAII.MARINES.MIL > Welcome Aboard > Housing and Lodging > Family Housing”

Building 1571.

A quality house to make a family "home" is critical to a service member's readiness and to promote resiliency.  The Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCB Hawaii) Family Housing Office (FHO) provides assistance to our military families in their quest to find a "home" on the island of Oahu. We will ensure equitability, transparency, and clarity of purpose to ensure a clear understanding of current housing policies, assignment/referral process and procedures as we work diligently with our Public-Private Venture (PPV) partner and other service providers at MCB Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand your various housing options - please click here.

The MCB Hawaii FHO and our PPV partner - Ohana Military Communities / A Hunt Military Communities (Ohana/Hunt), provides privatized housing to families of Marines assigned to duty on Oahu, and to members of other services assigned as tenant or supported commands at MCB Hawaii.  Ohana/Hunt operates and manages 2,576 privatized homes located at Kaneohe Bay, Camp Smith, and at Manana Housing.

The MCB Hawaii FHO is located on the first floor at 1571 Lawrence Road, Kaneohe Bay.  Our hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 0730-1530; and Wednesday from 0730-1400.

Privatized Housing Application Process: All privatized family housing applications are submitted via MCB Hawaii FHO in order to determine housing eligibility, assign housing category based on pay grade, and determine control date and assignment priority.  Once all the required documents are received, the completed housing application is then referred to our PPV partner.  All inbound members are advised not to send their personally identifiable information (PII), DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing) and other supporting documents to any third party providers on the internet.

Housing Application Process Chart

Housing Application:  MCB Hawaii FHO uses the date of receipt of completed housing application to establish service member's waiting list control date.  The following documents need to be submitted:

DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing)
- Copy of PCS orders (web orders)
Registered Sex Offender Disclosure Statement
- MCB Hawaii Family Housing Applicant's Statement of Understanding (SOU)
Privacy Act Release Letter

Your waiting list control date is determined by the date we receive all five documents.  If your packet is incomplete, your control date will be set on the date we receive the final document.

Our contact information:
Phone:  Defense Switch Network (DSN Prefix 315) 457-2676 or COMM (808) 257-2676
Toll Free:  1-866-224-7942
Fax: DSN 457-1259 or COMM (808) 257-1259
Mail: Family Housing Department, Box 63003, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-3003

Note that any email or email attachment containing sensitive PII, such as Social Security number, date of birth, home address and telephone number, marital status, family member names, sex offender status, etc., must be sent via official DoD email and encrypted and digitally signed in accordance with DoD policy. This type of sensitive PII is contained in a completed DD Form 1746, APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNMENT TO HOUSING; Registered Sex Offender form; and possibly other forms or information that you provide to the Family Housing Office. The use of unencrypted email or personal email for this type of information is not authorized and presents a risk of exposing your sensitive information to entities that may use your information for malicious purposes.

Residence Floor Plans:
Please click this link to view and download privatized housing neighborhoods and floor plans at MCB Hawaii.

Upon Arrival: Service Members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents must check-in with their unit and the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC),  and promptly report to the Family Housing Office within three working days of arrival. Marines will be required to provide a copy of their endorsed original orders, detaching and reporting endorsement from their S-1, and  travel voucher/documents.  Other service members supported at MCB Hawaii will need to provide a copy of their endorsed original orders and Command Sponsorship Letter.  Please contact us if you have any questions about your application and process, or to schedule an appointment with our counselors.

Important Reminder:  Per MCO 11000.22, all Military Personnel inbound MCB Hawaii are required to register at the Family Housing Office prior to entering into an off-base lease agreement or to purchase a home.

Failure to register may impact Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) entitlements, and forfeit future government paid local move.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP):  For additional information, please click this link ( if a member of your family is enrolled in EFMP.  If you have PCS/web orders pending screening by HQMC EFMP, please contact MCBH EFMP office at (808) 257-0290 at the earliest opportunity for assistance.  Our EFMP Office is located in Building 219 at MCB Hawaii Kaneohe. 

Overseas Temporary Loaner Furniture Program: If you are residing in our privatized housing and require temporary loaner furniture while awaiting delivery of your Household Goods (HHG), please contact Ohana Military Communities or call (808) 839-8700 for program details and information.

Military members in command sponsored accompanied tours residing in off-base homes or apartments that need loaner furniture support while waiting for their HHG should contact the MCB Hawaii FHO.  Please stop by our office or contact us at (808) 257-2676 for eligibility and details about the Overseas Temporary Loaner Furniture Program at MCB Hawaii.

Lending Locker:  Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Hawaii provides relocation assistance and lending locker program for newly arrived families.  Kitchenware and other household items are available for check-out while you are waiting for your household goods or unaccompanied baggage.  Please click “Family Member Employment Assistance and Relocation Service” for more information about this program.  

Pet Registration and MCBH Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF):  Please click on the link on your left for more VTF information and Pet Registration Policies at MCB Hawaii.  For privatized housing current and future residents, please click this link for OMC’s Community and Island Resource Page to get a copy of dog park rules, PPV community handbook, and other important information to include State of Hawaii Quarantine/Importing Information for your pets and animals.

Off-Base Counseling Service:  For service members that will be leasing an off-base home in the local Oahu community, the Family Housing Office provides limited off-base counseling service to make available relevant information prior to house hunting or signing your off-base lease.  Topics such as Hawaii Landlord-Tenant Codes, Service Member Civil Relief Act (SCRA), getting acquainted with the local communities, schools, and other information will be discussed. 

Please contact the Family Housing front desk at 257-2676 to schedule an appointment with our off-base counselor.

Schofield Barracks Housing Service Office (HSO): US Army Garrison Hawaii (USAG-Hawaii) is the Department of Defense executive agent for off-base housing on Oahu, and is located at Building 950, 215 Duck Road, Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI.  This office is responsible for providing assistance to Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force families in locating suitable off-base housing in the local community for lease/rent.  USAG-Hawaii HSO can be reached at (808) 655-3073 to 655-3080.

Your Family Housing Options while on the island of Oahu:

      1.  Rent/lease in the local community.
      2.  Lease with MCB Hawaii PPV partner - Ohana/Hunt
      3.  Home Ownership
      4.  Lease with US Navy, Air Force, or Army privatized housing partners
            Navy -
            Air Force -
            Army -

Frequently Asked Questions


Family Housing Office (FHO) is located at 1571 Lawrence Road on the 1st floor.  As part of a mandatory Family Housing Check-In Brief, we will review, process and refer housing applications for MCBH Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing on base; provide limited services for off base housing; and issue Certificates of Non-Availability (CNA) for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) purposes.  Applications for PPV housing are verified and validated for eligibility, grade and bedroom requirement, and to determine a control date.  FHO provides Government oversight for PPV housing and are Advocates for service members and residents of Ohana/Hunt. 

Ohana Military Communities/Hunt is the private partner for all MCBH PPV housing.  They own, operate, manage, and maintain PPV housing.  They are located at 1571 Lawrence Road on the 2nd floor.  Ohana/Hunt has three types of PPV housing services - Leasing Office, Resident Services Office, and Maintenance Department.

Leasing Office will offer you a home, show you the home, and sign the  lease with you.
Resident Services Office (RSO) will handle your move-in process and will be your point of contact as soon as you move-in, handle all issues while you live in the home, and process your vacate.
 Maintenance Department will schedule an appointment for maintenance and repair work in your home.  You can contact your RSO and press Option 1 to reach the Maintenance Department or contact the Maintenance Department directly.  However, residents are highly encouraged to download the Rent Café Mobile App for maintenance services and issues.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR ON BASE HOUSING?  Priority status is based eligibility.

  •  FHO is currently only accepting housing applications from Active Duty Personnel. 
  •  Active Duty personnel attached to MCBH with command sponsored dependents.
  •  Active Duty Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Reserve and Guard Personnel on active duty under Title 32, with command sponsored dependents and who are not attached to MCBH. 
  • Single Active Duty Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Reserve Guard Personnel on active duty orders under Title 32, with BAH established and who are not attached to MCBH.



Note that any email or email attachment containing sensitive PII, such as Social Security number, date of birth, home address and telephone number, marital status, family member names, sex offender status, etc., must be sent via official DoD email and encrypted and digitally signed in accordance with DoD policy. This type of sensitive PII is contained in a completed DD Form 1746, APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNMENT TO HOUSING; Registered Sex Offender form; and possibly other forms or information that you provide to the Family Housing Office. The use of unencrypted email or personal email for this type of information is not authorized and presents a risk of exposing your sensitive information to entities that may use your information for malicious purposes.

Active Duty personnel with command sponsored dependents attached to MCBH can apply on-line in advanced with proper documentation at > Welcome Aboard > Housing and Lodging > Family Housing.

Complete all required paperwork and the application and documents to the email address or fax number listed.  Upon receipt, you will be assigned to a Housing Counselor who will respond via email within 24-48 business hours confirming your application acceptance and processing.

Please provide your full SSN is on the application, not your EDIPI and sign in blocks 22 & 25.  The active duty service member must sign all documents, otherwise, a spouse must provide a Power of Attorney if signing on their sponsor’s behalf. 

Blocks 16-19 do not have to be filled out.
 It is very important to include your personal email addresses and contact numbers for both service member and spouse in the remarks area.  Unfortunately Ohana/Hunt does not use any iCloud accounts, therefore you will need to provide a different email address to receive email communication from them.  
You may also select a Neighborhood of Choice (NOC) or let Ohana/Hunt know if you have a preferred NOC when they contact you.    


You can also apply in person if you are currently on island.  

If the service member is deployed and never lived on base, you can apply on-line in advance and email the application to FHO for processing.  FHO will forward your application to Ohana/Hunt. 

Single active duty personnel with BAH established, you can apply on-line in advance however, FHO will only accept the application on Friday’s.  

If you want to re-apply or previously lived on base, you can apply on-line in advance however, FHO will only accept your application on Friday’s. 

A spouse who has POA for Housing, can submit an advanced application with a copy of POA to FHO.  If previously lived on base, the application will only be accepted on Friday’s. 


YES.  Service members attached to MCBH can walk in Monday – Friday.  If not assigned to MCBH; previously lived on base and applied for housing but removed yourself from the waitlist; and/or declined two offers (a local move is not authorized), you must schedule an appointment with FHO.


YES.  If you are interested in PPV housing, attached to MCBH and checking in to MCBH, you are required to report to FHO as stated on your Orders.



Navy:  Stamped Orders & Command Sponsorship Letter (not Page 2)

Marine Corps:  Detaching Orders & Reporting Endorsement (from S-1)

Newly married:  YOU MUST UPDATE MARITAL STATUS WITH IPAC AND DEERS.  If you apply within 30 days of your marriage, your Control Date will be backdated to your date of marriage.

Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Marriage Certificate (if married less than 30 days)

Marine Corps:  Dependent Verification Letter (S-1), Dependent Application (IPAC) Copy of Marriage Certificate (if married less than 30 days) or BIR (if married more than 30 days)

Dual active couples with command sponsored dependents:  Need paperwork from both service members.

Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders

Marine Corps:  Reporting Endorsement, Dependent Verification Letter

In a lease off-base

Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Lease

Marine Corps:  BIR, Lease

Single/Roommates with BAH established:  All roommates must be present to sign paperwork with Ohana/Hunt.

Navy:  Orders, Page 2

Marine Corps:  BIR, Orders

Single & Pregnant with BAH established:   You can check with Ohana/Hunt if a neighborhood(s) is available and if you are eligible to move in prior to birth of your child. 

Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Pregnancy Verification Letter (a verification letter must be completed by a Physician)

Marine Corps:  BIR, Pregnancy Verification Letter (a verification letter must be completed by a Physician)

Other branches of service not attached to MCBH

Air Force:  SURF, Orders

Army:  ERB (Enlisted)/ORB (Officers), Orders

Coast Guard:  CGMI (Member Information), CGBI, Dependency Data Sheet

Reserve/Guard:  Active Duty orders under Title 32   


 Am I authorized Arrival TLA?

 If you are new to the island you must check in with your Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) and the TLA Office to receive a TLA brief.

 Where can I get a Certificate for TLA?

Service members with command sponsored dependents will receive a SNA Certificate for TLA purposes during the FHO Check-in appointment. 

SNA Certificates are issued in 10 day increments for Navy personnel and the day before the move in date, if applicable for Marine personnel.
A SNA Certificate is issued for the first 10 days at your initial appointment and is issued even if you have not received an offer for PPV housing.  For example, when you check in on the first day of the month, you will be issued a certificate for the first 10 days and then issued another certificate for next ten days when you return on the 20th of the month. 
Single and Geo-Bachelors who rate TLA should report Mr. Gary Johnson at Building B503, Room 125.  Mr. Johnson’s telephone number is 808-259-4170 and his office is located across from the Officer’s Club

What if my move-in date is delayed?

TLA extensions

TLA extensions MAY be granted if there is a delay in the availability or assignment to PPV housing at no fault of the service member.  When a delay occurs prior to FHO receiving the PPV Transmittal Form, TLA will be authorized when the first home is available to move in.
If a copy of your PPV Transmittal Form is provided to FHO, the service member should have a discussion with Ohana/Hunt about lodging costs due to any delays with the home not being available.
If not on TLA:
The service member or spouse should have a discussion with Ohana/Hunt about any delays with the home not being available and/or any issues due to the delay of the move in date.


If you are TLA eligible and your Household Goods (HHG) have not arrived on the island or cannot be delivered, you can be issued temporary loaner furniture.  If you are moving into PPV housing, Ohana/Hunt will provide temporary loaner furniture up to 60 days or until your HHG can be delivered.  If you are moving out in town and your HHG have not arrived, FHO will provide temporary loaner furniture.  Please make an appointment with FHO schedule your loaner furniture.  A copy of your Lease and a Statement of Claim signed by the landlord are required.


When do I rate a bigger home or a different neighborhood?

Change in rank:  If you have an official change in rank or paperwork stating you are selected/frocked to a higher rank for the next higher grade category (i.e., Junior Enlisted to Senior Non Commissioned Officer) you can make an appointment with FHO.  In this case, your application will be a Priority 3 and appointments are scheduled on Friday’s.  Please provide proof of promotion and updated BIR/Command Sponsorship Letter to your appointment.   

Change in family size:  If there is an increase in your family size and your bedroom requirement changes, please update your family status with IPAC before scheduling an appointment with FHO.  To re-apply, your application will be a Priority 3 and appointments are scheduled on Friday’s.  You must provide Birth Certificate or Court documents for a new dependent, updated BIR, and Dependency Verification Letter to your appointment.

What if I just want to move?

The first step in requesting to relocate to another home is to contact your RSO so they can work with you to resolve any issues you may have with your current home and/or to assist with the relocation process, if approved (you do not have outstanding/delinquent charges or have a problem with the condition of your home and/or inspections).  You will also be responsible for all costs associated with the move. 


You must update your COLA status with IPAC if/when your dependent(s) leave the island.  If you fail to update IPAC you may be responsible to reimburse any COLA overpayments.
Submit your Notice to Vacate with your RSO.  You must provide at least a 28 day notice otherwise you may incur fees.  If you are PCS’ing off island, you will need your DD Form 1299 from the Distribution Management Office (DMO) with your HHG pack out date.  The RSO will also arrange for temporary loaner furniture to be delivered.  A Pre-Inspection will be scheduled to assess what you need to do to prepare vacate.  A Final Inspection will also be scheduled to determine any final charges.  If you fail to make your payment/pay your bill, you may not be checked out of your home.  

RSO is responsible for completing and signing your Check-Out Sheet and to ensure any charges are paid or a payment plan has been arranged.  


Resident Services Office (RSO)

Waikulu Community Center:   808-839-8710, Option 2

If you live at:  Waikulu, Hawaii Loa, Pa Honua, Heleloa, Kapoho

 Mololani Community Center:  808-839-8700, Option 2

If you live at:  Mololani, Hana Like, Kaluapuni, Ulupau, Nani Ulupau

 Manana Community Center:  808-223-7646 or contact the Waikulu RSO

If you have completed the first 2 steps in the 3-Step Program, you should contact the Family Housing Office for additional assistance. 

 Family Housing Office:  808-257-2676


  • Issues with your home, neighborhood, neighbors, appliances, pests, lawn and common areas
  • Questions about charges, energy conservation, and Community Center availability
  • Requests for assistance due to a lock-out
  • A/C and water filters are available at the Self Help Warehouse.  Self-Help provides limited types or light bulbs.  The two prong light bulbs in a regular light fixture is your responsibility to purchase and replace.  You are also responsible for replacing batteries in your smoke detector.  Do not pull smoke detectors from the ceiling as they are hard wired to the home. 


Call the Maintenance Department:  

  1. You can call any RSO and press Option 1 and you will be connected to the Maintenance Department or you can call Maintenance Department directly.  
  2. Download the new Rent Café Mobile App.  You will need your resident ID number which you can get from your RSO.  Just log-in and create a profile to submit a work request and track all your open work orders that were submitted on the App.

Telephone Number:   808-833-HELP (4357)


Can I have pets in PPV housing?

YES.  Ohana/Hunt’s homes are pet friendly.  Unfortunately, there are some DOD Restricted Breeds that are not allowed on Base.  You are allowed two cats or dogs or a combination for a total of two animals.  

How do I start the process to bring my animals to Hawaii?

The first step is to get approval from the State of Hawaii at http://hdoa.hawaii.  gov/ai/aqs/aqs-info/.

There are many steps to this process.  A blood test is required and a 30-day quarantine period is enforced.  However, the quarantine period can be completed prior to arriving in Hawaii.  If the quarantine period has been completed, an additional period is not required.  If you arrive with your pet prior to completing the required quarantine period, your pet will be quarantine until the required period has been completed.  
Once you have brought your dog/cat to the island, you must to register them with the State and Base.  You can register them with their medical records at the Humane Society in Honolulu or at any Satellite City Hall.  If you are picking up your animal at the airport, registration at the Humane Society in Honolulu will cost much less and the wait time is much shorter. 
Once you have your cat/dog registered with the State, call the Base Game Warden to schedule an appointment with them to register your pet on Base.  All dogs must be taken with you to your appointment.  When both registrations are complete, visit your RSO with the registration papers.  

SERVICE ANIMALS:  For complete details and definitions of the American Disability Act (ADA), visit

What is a service animal?

A service animal is defined under the ADA as any breed of dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability.  The dog must be trained to take a specific action to assist the person with a disability.  For example, a person with diabetes may have a dog that is trained to alert when the owner blood sugar is too high or low.  A person can have two service animals that perform two specific tasks.  For example, one dog that detects diabetes and the other that detects seizures.

Are emotional support, therapy, comfort and/or companion animals considered service animals under the ADA?

NO.  These terms are used to describe animals that provide comfort just by being with a person.  Because they have NOT been trained to perform a specific job or task, they do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.  However, some state and local governments have laws that allow pet owners to have emotional support animals at public places.  Please check with the state and local government agencies for more information. 

What if I have an anxiety attack and my dog calms me?  Does this qualify as a service animal?

The ADA makes a distinction between psychiatric service animals and emotional support animals.  If that dog has been trained to sense an anxiety attack is about to happen and take a specific action to help avoid these attacks or lessen the impact, then then it would qualify as a service animal.  If you just feel better by hugging/being in the dogs presence when you feeling anxious, it will not qualify as a service animal.  

When is a service animal excluded?

The ADA does not require covered entities to modify policies, practices, or procedures if it would “fundamentally alter” the nature of the goods, services, programs, or activities provided to the public.   Nor does it overrule legitimate safety requirements.  If admitting the service animal would fundamentally alter the nature of the service or program, service animals may be prohibitive.  For example, service animals may be banned from an area of a dormitory of a boarding school due to allergies.  A zoo may ban service animals from certain areas due to the animals on display being prey or predator of dogs.  In addition, if a particular service animal is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it, or if it is not housebroken, the animal may be excluded.  The ADA requires that service animals be under the control of the handler at all times.  A service animal must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered while in public places unless the person’s disability prevents use of these devices.  In this case, the person must use voice, signal, or other effective means to maintain control of the animal.  For example, a person who uses a wheelchair may use a long retractable leash to allow their service animal to pick up or retrieve items.  The dog may not wander away from the owner and must maintain control of the dog at all times.  Under control also means that a service animal should not be allowed to bark repeatedly in a lecture hall, theater, library, or other quite places.  However, if a dog barks just once, or barks because someone has provoked it, this does not mean the dog is out of control.

Are federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs required to comply with ADA?

NO.  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is the Federal law that protects the rights of people with disabilities to participate in Federal programs and services.  For information or to file a complaint, contact the agency’s equal opportunity office.



There is a 3-Step Resolution Process that you can use to submit a comment or concern.   You can refer to the linked flyer, How Can We Help?

  1. The first step is to call Maintenance/RSO to notify them of a problem/issue so they can repair or resolve the issue.  In case you have to call Maintenance again, notify your RSO to make them aware of the recurring problem.  An abundance of water leak/waste is considered an emergency.  Please be aware that there are issues that come with living in a tropical climate such as bugs.  If you have frequent live activity, call your RSO immediately for an inspection.  If you see bugs that are dead or in the process of dying that means the bug spray is working.  Terminex can only spray so often due to the chemicals that are used.  They will come out and spray if necessary, please be aware they cannot come out every week and spray if one or two live bugs are seen.  Unfortunately, no home is going to be bug free 100% of the time.  You can also help by buying a barrier style bug spray from your local commissary as an extra layer of defense.
  2. If your work order is incomplete or is not completed to your satisfaction, please contact to your RSO Manager.  If several attempts to contact them are unsuccessful, you can reach out to Ms. Peyton Hoban, Ohana/Hunt Community Director.  
  3. If your issue is still unresolved, please contact to your command and then the Family Housing Office.  Please provide us with the contact info of your command so we can work together to resolve the issue with Ohana/Hunt.


You can visit the Ohana/Hunt website for floor plans and neighborhood information.  You can also contact the Ohana/Hunt Leasing Office to request interior pictures or information that is not available on their website. 

Ohana/Hunt Leasing Office:  808-839-8720, Option 2

Marine Corps Base Hawaii