Communication Strategy & Operations


Our mission is to advise commanders and staffs on communication strategy matters; to communicate and engage with internal, domestic, and international audiences; to acquire and disseminate written and visual information products that support planning and operations to build understanding, credibility, and trust with audiences critical to mission success. COMMSTRAT is the directed imagery acquisition capability of the Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Base Hawaii.


COMMSTRAT consists of the Digital & Media Engagement section and the Visual Information section. 

The Visual Information section: coordinates VI requirements for maximum utilization of resources and is further separated into three sections:

1) Graphics section

2) Photo section

3) Video section

Combat Photographers and Combat Videographers are trained to support imagery requirements within the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. These operational requirements include, but are not limited to: information operations; intelligence activities; battle damage assessment; civil affairs; historical documentation; legal; investigative; forensics; and, media engagement support.

Combat Graphics Specialists provide a full range of digital/traditional graphic design and reproduction capabilities. This includes black and white high volume reproduction, color reproduction, booklet making, binding, handbills, paper drilling, and lamination for field products.


The Digital & Media Engagement section: provides MCBH and tenant activities with external media, digital engagement, and public web support and training in support of the Commander’s communication goals and priorities. This section coordinates and consolidates all media and digital engagement requirements for maximum utilization of resources.


MCBH Communication Strategy & Operations

Bldg 267 C St

Kailua, HI 96734

Hours of Operation

 0800-1100 / (LUNCH) / 1300-1430
 Tuesday  0800-1100
 Wednesday  0800-1100 / (LUNCH) / 1300-1430
 Thursday   0800-1100
 Friday  0800-1100 / (LUNCH) / 1300-1430



MCBH News - Stay up to date on all recent photos, videos, and local news stories from MCBH.

MCBH Press Releases - Read recent announcements and newsworthy information about MCBH.

MCBH Public Advisories - Learn about base notifications and activities that may impact those on and off base.


Linktree: MCBH Linktree

The MCBH Bulletin: Official word and communication Facebook page to the residents of MCBH. To request communication on the Bulletin, please email

Imagery Archive

MCBH DVIDS Imagery Archive

media relations

Media relations involves communicating with the public through the media while maintaining the highest level of professional competence and sophistication. This includes daily contact with representatives of the civilian print and electronic news media; requests for information in response to media queries must be responded to quickly, accurately, and candidly.

For media inquires:

(808) 257-1397

Staff NCO in Charge
(808) 257-8870

COMMSTRAT Office Front Desk 
(808) 257-1365


commstrat support

COMMSTRAT provides the following support and services to operational and tenant units aboard MCBH:

-Imagery & Video coverage to support the following operational requirements: information operations, intelligence activities, battle damage assessment, civil affairs, historical documentation, legal, investigative, forensics and media engagement support.

-Digital and traditional graphic design

-Printing and reproduction capabilities: black and white high volume reproduction, color reproduction, booklet making, binding, handbills, paper drilling, and lamination for field products.

submitting a request for support

To request COMMSTRAT support for an event, please download the job order request form and email it to

OR call the MCBH COMMSTRAT Front Desk at (808) 257-1365

Requests must be submitted no less than 30 days in advance

**Submitting a job order does not ensure the request has been approved**


photo studio

The photo studio provides services for the following: 
    - Official passport photos 
    - Command photos 
    - Promotion style photo for OMPF submission 
    - Green on Green photos 
    - ISO prep photos 

Hours of Operation

 Monday  0800-1100 / (LUNCH) / 1300-1430
 Tuesday  0800-1100
 Wednesday  0800-1100 / (LUNCH) / 1300-1430
 Thursday  0800-1100 / (LUNCH) / 1300-1430
 Friday  0800-1100

contact us

Front Desk (808) 257-1365

Height/weight Required Forms

Height/Weight Form required for OMPF photos. Click Here

**The Height/Weight Form requires a signature from your Company 1stSgt, Company Commander, Battalion SgtMaj, Battalion XO, or Battalion CO**

community relations

Community relations involves issuing information, fostering relations with the neighboring community, including Marine Corps Reserve components, in a direct community and military interface. Well-conducted community relations enhance readiness by fostering hometown support. A good-neighbor policy is established through involvement with the communities and extends support to families of deployed Marines. It also helps reinforce the idea that the Marine Corps is a meaningful and rewarding career choice for America’s youth. Close relations with neighboring communities inspire patriotism, and that patriotism translates into recruitment and retention opportunities. Every reasonable effort will be made to develop and maintain sound community relationships.

Non-Federal Entity

All Non-Federal Entities (NFE) requesting support from Marine Corps Base Hawaii shall submit the NFE Request Form for consideration in requesting support from Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Forms with incomplete sections will be returned to the requestor as all of the information is needed to support the request. Send this form to the Public Affairs Office no less than 60 days and no more than 90 days in advance of a scheduled program and/or period of requested support.

Please understand all Armed Forces units have specific military duties and training requirements which must take priority over previously scheduled support for an NFE. Participation in public events and programs will only be authorized when it is in the best interests of the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps, will not interfere with mission or training requirements, and is not legally objectionable. Department of Defense policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events may be provided at no additional cost to the Government.


Requests for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events: DD Form 2536 

Requests for Military Aerial Support: DD Form 2535 

These forms should be submitted to the MCBH Community Relations Office no less than 30 days and no more than 90 days in advance of a scheduled program.  Participation in public programs will only be authorized when such support is in the best interest of the Department of Defense and MCBH and does not interfere with mission or training programs. In all cases, operational commitments must take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled.


Youth organizations leaders (JROTCs, Scouts, Sea Cadets, etc.) desiring to hold a leadership/training camp aboard MCBH shall submit the NFE Request Form for consideration. Send this form to the COMMSTRAT Office no less than 60 days and no more than 90 days in advance of a scheduled program and/or period of requested support. Camps should be limited in size to 80 persons and should be no more than seven days long.


Marine musicians perform a wide variety of military and civic events such as ceremonies, parades, festivals, public concerts, educational outreach, and professional sporting events. Music support utilizes a variety of ensemble configurations to include wind ensemble, ceremonial band, brass band, jazz combo, popular music group, brass quintet, jazz ensemble, and bugler.

If you're interested in having the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band perform at an event: 

Call: (808) 257-7040 or (808) 257-7350 ...or

Email: or ...or

Visit their website at U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific Band.

Phone Numbers

 Front Desk  (808) 257-1365
 SNCOIC  (808) 257-8870
 COMMSTRAT OIC  (808) 257-1397
 Duty Photographer  (808) 216-3114
 Noise Advisory  (808) 257-8832
 Community Relations  (808) 257-8876
 Emergency 24-hour Number - Command Duty Officer

 (808) 257-8457

 (808) 330-9636


Mailing Address

Marine Corps Base Hawaii
 Box 63002
 Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 96863-3002


Marine Corps Base Hawaii