S-4/FAMILY HOUSING - Privatized Housing - Ohana Military Communities (OMC)/Hunt

OMC/Hunt is the private partner for all MCBH PPV housing.  They own, operate, manage, and maintain PPV housing.  They are located at 1571 Lawrence Road on the 2nd floor.  Ohana/Hunt has three types of PPV housing services - Leasing Office, Resident Services Office, and Maintenance Department.
Their website is

Leasing Office will offer you a home, show you the home, and sign the lease with you.

Resident Services Office (RSO) will handle your move-in process and will be your point of contact as soon as you move-in, handle all issues while you live in the home, and process your vacate.

Maintenance Department will schedule an appointment for maintenance and repair work in your home.  You can contact your RSO and press Option 1 to reach the Maintenance Department or contact the Maintenance Department directly.  However, residents are highly encouraged to download the Rent Café Mobile App for maintenance services and issues.  Rent Café Flyer

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