S-4/ECPD/ Environmental Restoration Program


The mission of the Environmental Restoration Program is to investigate and clean up hazardous substances or munitions that may pose a risk to human health or the environment.

The MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay Environmental Restoration Program has been ongoing since the 1980s to identify and cleanup areas where past practices impacted the environment. It includes two main programs:

  • Installation Restoration Program (IRP): Addresses past chemical releases on sites located on active Navy and Marine Corps installations and property

  • Munitions Response Program (MRP): Addresses explosive safety with munitions and explosives of concern and chemical contamination hazards from the past use of military munitions on Navy and Marine Corps property

Environmental Restoration Program activities

Part of the environmental restoration process is to assess if there is the potential for harmful effects to people, animals, or plants from the onsite contamination.  Sampling is conducted to evaluate any impacts to groundwater, soil and surface water.  In the photo above, on the left, a drill rig is being used to install a groundwater monitoring well.  On the right, soil samples are being collected.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii