S-4/FAMILY HOUSING - OMC/Hunt POCs After Moving In


•    Resident Services Office (RSO):

-    Waikulu Community Center:   808-470-5400, Option 2
If you live at:  Waikulu, Hawaii Loa, Pa Honua, Heleloa, Kapoho
-    Mololani Community Center:  808-470-5400, Option 2
If you live at:  Mololani, Hana Like, Kaluapuni, Ulupau, Nani Ulupau
-    Manana Community Center:  808-470-5400, Option 2 or contact the Waikulu RSO

If you have completed the first 2 steps in the 3-Step Program, you should contact 
the Family Housing Office for additional assistance
-    Family Housing Office:  808-257-2676

•    When should I contact my RSO/maintenance?

-    Issues with your home, neighborhood, neighbors, appliances, pests, lawn and common areas
-    Questions about charges, energy conservation, and Community Center availability
-    Requests for assistance due to a lock-out
-    A/C and water filters are available at the Self Help Warehouse.  Self-Help provides limited types or light bulbs.  The two prong light bulbs in a regular light fixture is your responsibility to purchase and replace.  You are also responsible for replacing batteries in your smoke detector.  Do not pull smoke detectors from the ceiling as they are hard wired to the home. 

•    How do I submit a work order?  

-    Call the Maintenance Department:  
1.    Maintenance Department Telephone Number 808-470-5400, Option 3.  
2.    Download the new Rent Café Mobile App.  You will need your resident ID number which you can get from your RSO.  Just log-in and create a profile to submit a work request and track all your open work orders that were submitted on the App.

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