The Freight section is designed to provide transportation instructions and support for the shipping and receiving of all cargo aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The Freight section is divided between shipping, receiving and Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking (PPP&M) in which they provide general and specialize services to the installation.

Distribution Management Office, Kaneohe MCBH
Building 209, 2nd and C Street


Freight Shipping: 0730-1600 Monday - Friday
                            Closed Federal Holidays

Freight Receiving: 0730-1500 Monday - Friday
                            Closed Federal Holidays

General cargo

For General cargo units will provide the shipping form DD 1149 which may be generated via the TrackerLite website.

A current Fiscal Year (FY) Transportation Account Code (TAC) Authorization letter will always be required unless DMO has a copy on file.

Units are also encouraged to provide the DD form 1348-1 however, it is not required.

Hazardous Shipments

Lithium-ion batteries-Laptops, radios, tablets, etc.

When dealing with hazardous cargo, our hazmat certifiers will meticulously check and authenticate all vital data. Forms and documents needed to proceed with shipping of lithium batteries will include:

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • DD form 1149

  • DD form 1348-1

  • A printout from WEBFLIS stating the hazmat classification code.

  • Hazmat certifiers certification

  • Hazmat certifier appointment letter

  • TAC Authorization form (Current FY)

Note: This only applies to lithium batteries weighing less than 5kg and WATT hours less than 100. For other hazardous shipments please contact the freight shipping office at (808) 496-2939.

Classified material

including aa&e

To ship classified material, you must complete the necessary forms and provide the required documentation:

  • DD form 1149

  • DD form 1348-1

  • WEBFLIS printout with the Controlled Inventory Item Code

  • TAC Authorization Form (Current FY)

Note: The freight shipping office does not have the capability to store classified material or weapons. Therefore, it is directed to contact DMO in advance before bringing any controlled items to the warehouse.

Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking

All Marine Corps freight will be packaged in accordance with Military Packaging guidelines. The materials and methods prescribed in federal and military specifications, standards, drawings, or other authorized documents are designed to provide the level of protection to prevent damage or deterioration during shipment, handling, and storage of material. The following forms will be required for box and crate requests:

  • Verified / Stamped copy of DD form 1149.

  • P3&M request form

Freight Receiving Operations

The Receiving section will accept and receipt for all MILSTRIP and non-MILSTRIP shipments and prepare cargo for onward movement to ultimate consignee. We strive to ensure delivery within 24-48 hours of receiving your cargo. In the event of an urgent shipment requiring pickup or delivery outside our standard timeframe, kindly contact us at (808) 297-3219. Please note a government vehicle is required to pick up cargo from the DMO warehouse.

Phone Numbers

 DMO Shipping Office  (808) 496-2939
 DMO Receiving Office  (808) 257-3219

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