S-4/FAMILY HOUSING - Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Am I authorized Arrival TLA?

If you are new to the island you must check in with your Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) and the TLA Office to receive a TLA brief.

Where can I get a Certificate for TLA?

Service members with command sponsored dependents will receive a SNA Certificate for TLA purposes during the FHO Check-in appointment.

SNA Certificates are issued in 10 day increments for Navy personnel and the day before the move in date, if applicable for Marine personnel.

A SNA Certificate is issued for the first 10 days at your initial appointment and is issued even if you have not received an offer for PPV housing.  For example, when you check in on the first day of the month, you will be issued a certificate for the first 10 days and then issued another certificate for next ten days when you return on the 20th of the month. 

Single and Geo-Bachelors who rate TLA should report Mr. Gary Johnson at Building B503, Room 125.  Mr. Johnson’s telephone number is 808-259-4170 and his office is located across from the Officer’s Club.

What if my move-in date is delayed?

TLA extensions: TLA extensions MAY be granted if there is a delay in the availability or assignment to PPV housing at no fault of the service member.  When a delay occurs prior to FHO receiving the PPV Transmittal Form, TLA will be authorized when the first home is available to move in.  If a copy of your PPV Transmittal Form is provided to FHO, the service member should have a discussion with Ohana/Hunt about lodging costs due to any delays with the home not being available.

If not on TLA: The service member or spouse should have a discussion with Ohana/Hunt about any delays with the home not being available and/or any issues due to the delay of the move in date.

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