PMO/Criminal Investigation Division (CID)


The USMC Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is a Department of the Navy (DON) law enforcement organization assigned within the Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO), Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), and works directly for the Provost Marshal. As an organic law enforcement agency, the CID executes its mission, including criminal investigations, criminal operations, and other law enforcement related activities, in coordination with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). NCIS has primary responsibility for investigating all actual, suspected, and alleged serious crimes within the DON and primary jurisdiction to conduct criminal operations. CID personnel coordinate activities and exercise their responsibilities consistent with law, regulation, and DON policies.


The mission of the CID is to provide the Marine Corps with an organic criminal investigative, criminal intelligence, and forensic capabilities applicable to both the Supporting Establishment and Fleet Marine Force environments. These capabilities support Marine Corps force protection and operational objectives by promoting good order and discipline; supporting combat operations; identifying, preventing, and mitigating criminal/terrorist threats; and assisting with the adjudicative proceedings of individuals that could harm the Marine Corps or its warfighting mission.

usmc cid units

The CID aboard MCBH is comprised of the following entities: General Crimes Unit, Family Crimes Unit, on-call Crisis Negotiation Team, Digital Forensic Examining Capability, and Criminal Intelligence and Analysis. These units work with one another constantly to ensure the safety of MCBH and the general public.

General Crimes Unit

The General Crimes Unit is comprised of specially trained Agents who are well rounded and equipped to respond and provide investigative support to any offense containing a military nexus to MCBH components on the island of Oahu. The General Crimes Unit also conducts crime reduction operations to deter criminal acts on and around MCBH.

Family Crime Unit

The Family Crimes Unit is a specially trained unit with skilled professionals that provide investigative support to the Provost Marshal’s Office. The Family Crimes Unit is responsible for conducting investigations of domestic violence and child abuse on MCBH.

Crisis Negotiation Team

The CID maintains an on-call team of Crisis Negotiators who can be recalled and respond to barricaded subjects, hostage situations, individuals experiencing crisis, and other emergencies deemed appropriate for a Crisis Negotiator to assist in ensuring the safety of the installation and public.

Digital Forensic Capability

The CID understands technology is always evolving and that criminals are using technology to benefit their criminal acts. As an investigative body, the CID utilizes some of the best forensic equipment available to extract, trace, and collect evidence of criminal behavior to pursue those who commit criminal acts.

Crime Intelligence Section

The Crime Intelligence Section is responsible for a crime analysis and criminal intelligence program. Functions include collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting crime and criminal incident data to identify criminal trends and potential criminal threats to the installation.

cid recruiting

CID is actively recruiting Marines who are seeking to laterally move into the 5821 Criminal Investigator (CID Agent) MOS. Marines who meet the prerequisites and requirements are encouraged to apply or inquire as there is always a demand for qualified Marines within this MOS.

What is a CID Agent?

CID Agents provide essential support to Commanders in both home station and deployed environments and are at the forefront of protecting Marines and families, facilities, and mission-essential capabilities.  CID Agents perform criminal investigative duties while operationally assigned to the CID, Regional Trial Counsel (RTC), Identity Operations Mission and NCIS. CID Agents provide criminal investigative support to both supporting establishment law enforcement and deployed/combat contingency operations. CID Agents investigate misdemeanor and felony level crimes that fall within the jurisdictional purview of the DOD; provide technical guidance and supervision to junior CID Agents and apprentice investigators; conduct covert operations, personal protective services, crisis negotiations, and forensic examinations and exploitation; assist the complex trial teams with trial case preparation; provide subject matter expertise and training to host nations during contingency operations and liaise with other military, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.


For any emergency, immediately call 911 and for non-emergencies call the PMO Desk Sergeant at 808-257-2123 who will direct your call to the appropriate line.

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