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The United States passport is a travel document showing the bearer's origin and identity. The Department of State issues it to citizens owing allegiance to the United States. It gives the bearer the right to receive the protection and services of American Foreign Service Officers abroad.



Diplomatic -- A diplomatic passport is issued to a naval officer when specifically assigned duty as a Naval Attaché or an assistant Naval Attaché, chief or deputy chief of a military assistance advisory group or Naval Liaison Officer to Hong Kong or Singapore or other foreign nations. Family members accompanying such officers are also issued diplomatic passports.

Official -- An official passport is issued to accomplish a specific official assignment for the U.S. Government. It is only issued to service members, federal employees and their dependents as required by a particular assignment.

"No-Fee" -- Regular Passport A regular "No-Fee" passport is issued to dependents traveling at government expense to accompany or join their sponsors overseas. It is usually issued to a dependent traveling to an area where the sponsor does not require a passport. This passport differs from a regular "fee" passport by an endorsement to the effect that the bearer is abroad as a dependent of an American military member on active duty. Do not use a regular passport in lieu of a "No-Fee" passport.

Regular Fee Passport -- A regular "Full-Fee" passport is issued by the Department of State for any citizen performing travel not covered by the previous paragraphs; for example, tourist travel, travel under orders sponsored by other than appropriated funds, travel while on leave, travel by military persons who are retiring to a residence abroad, etc. The passport office, under the Department of State, controls the issuance of passports and makes final determinations about the type of passport to be issued in each case. The Passport Agency is located in the Federal Building on Bishop Street in Honolulu.



Marine will always be issued an individual passport and cannot be photographed with a dependent. Photos can be taken on base under certain circumstances, they include diplomatic, no-fee and official passport photos. If desired, individual passports may be issued to each dependent. Children under six years of age must be photographed with the mother if a group passport is preferred and is specifically requested; however, this type of passport is discouraged. While serving overseas, Marines and their dependents may use their diplomatic, official and "no- fee" passports for tourist travel, as long as they can obtain tourist visas. If not, regular fee passports must be obtained. It cannot be overemphasized that ample time for processing an application for a passport must be allowed --so plan ahead. Service members and their dependents seeking information or applying for passports may obtain information, forms and passport applications at

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