S-4/ECPD/ Hunting Regulations

Recreational Bow Hunting Program at Marine Corps Training Area Bellows

Photo of a hunter and pigMarine Corps Base (MCB) Hawaii has a recreational bow hunting program for feral pigs at Marine Corps Training Area Bellows (MCTAB). The program provides high-quality bow hunting opportunities. Providing quality recreational opportunities sustains the morale and welfare of troops and supports personnel as part of the US Marine Corps mission. Department of Defense personnel and members of the general public are eligible to participate.

Program Basics

• Hunting areas in MCTAB are open to hunting during some weekends and Federal holidays, only when training exercises are not taking place.
• Only hunting of feral pigs are allowed. A bag limit of one pig, per hunter, per day is imposed.
• Archery equipment (long bows, recurved bows, compound bows) is the only form of hunting allowed.
• Hunting with firearms is NOT permitted. It is unlawful to possess a loaded firearm in MCTAB.
• Hunting with dogs is NOT permitted.
• There is no fee to be awarded a hunt.
• To ensure the safety of hunters and a high-quality hunting experience, only a small number of people are permitted within hunting areas at any one time.



All persons 13 years of age and over are allowed to hunt at MCTAB. Persons 13 through 15 years of age are only allowed to hunt only when under the immediate control and adjacent to their licensed parent or guardian. Hunters must:

  • Pass required background check to access MCB Hawaii property.

  • Possess a valid Hawai‘i State hunting license.

  • Successfully pass an in-person, written test administered by MCB Hawaii CLEOs.


Procedures on How to Obtain Hunting Privileges

  • Contact to schedule a testing time.

  • Please bring to your scheduled test a black inked pen, a form of identification, and your State of Hawaii hunting license.

  • Must pass the in-person, written test administered by MCB Hawaii CLEOs.

  • The written test contains questions about Hawai‘i State hunting regulations, Base hunting regulations, and hunter ethics.


Safety, Security, and Protection of Resources

• Hunters must abide by all applicable State Hunting Rules and Regulations (Hawai‘i Administrative Rules (HAR) §13-123 Rules Regulating Game Mammal Hunting) as well as Base Order Hunting Regulations 1711.1.
• Hunting areas are NOT active if any training is being conducted aboard MCTAB. Hunting days will typically occur during weekends and Federal holidays.
• Hunting is allowed in a defined area in the interior of MCTAB, away from beach areas.
• A no-shoot zone is in effect on the interior of the MCTAB boundary next to residential areas and the golf course to protect life and property.
• Certain areas of MCTAB are off limits to hunting to ensure protection of sensitive resources. This includes wetlands located along Waimanalo Stream and the cemetery located on the south-east side of Hunting Area 1.
• Hunting areas are regularly patrolled by Conservation Law Enforcement Officers. People in violation of Federal, State, and Base laws, rules and regulations will be cited and prosecuted.


For More Information or to register and schedule a Hunting Permit Test, contact Marine Corps Base Hawaii Conservation Law Enforcement at or (808) 496-7135.

Upcoming Tentative Hunting Dates

Upcoming Hunt November 24-26, 2023. Dates qualified hunters can apply is November 20th 0600 - November 24th 1400 on the first come, first serve basis.

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