CIG/Formal Complaint

Principal Purpose:  to register a personal complaint relating to individual injustices or suspected Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

This form is provided for individuals to provide an outline of information to the MCBH CIG required to conduct an analysis of the complaint. The complaint can be sent via e-mail, by mail, or submitted in person.

You may use a printable Complaint form to file your complaint and email to  You may also submit your complaint electronically to

Sending data in the clear (unencrypted email) may allow an attacker to intercept personally identifiable information (PII) and alter emails.  Although the probability of occurrence is low, it is recommended that any disclosure of sensitive PII occur in a more secure manner.  If you don't have access to DoD email encryption and you can't deliver the form in person, we recommend that you use the hotline web site, which uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to protect communications on the Internet, or mail sensitive complaint forms to the following postal address:

Commanding Officer
Attn: Command Inspector General
Box 63002
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe Bay HI 96863-3002

Printable complaint form:

MCBH IG Complaint Hotline:  (808) 257-8852

Marine Corps Base Hawaii