Temporary lodging while PCSing

19 Jun 2015 | Cpl. Khalil Ross Marine Corps Base Hawaii

MARINE CORPS BASE HAWAII, Hawaii - The process of making a permanent change of station is long and arduous. So far the overall PCS process, pets and moving property has been covered. In this installment, temporary lodging is going to be targeted.

 If a service member is PCSing to the island they should contact the installations temporary lodging facility well in advance of arriving. This ensures a seamless transition from plane to rooms for the service member and family. For unaccompanied military personnel, a barracks room will be assigned upon arrival.

 Marie Calvo, the manager at the Family Member Employment Assistance Program and Relocation Services, said she knows there is more than one base on the island.

“If service members are assigned to a joint command such as Puuloa Range Training Facility or H.M. Camp Smith then they should look for temporary lodging at the nearest military base,” Calvo said. “If lodges can’t accommodate them then they will be issued a ticket of non-availability which allows for lodging off base.”

Non-availability tickets are only given if there are no rooms available on base, she said. The tickets allow service members and their families to stay in hotels around the island that are working with the base. Military lodges facility is the only place that can give a ticket of non-availability.

“(People) can make reservations 60 days out before they arrive on island,” Calvo said. “We encourage all outbound personnel to make their reservations as early as possible.”

Mia Ng, the general manager at The lodge at Kaneohe Bay, said they need to schedule have a consultation with the office to understand the situation.

 "No one’s circumstances are the same so that’s what the consultation is for," Ng said. "Some may have pets, special needs or have multiple children to take care of."

 There are 24 pet-friendly rooms families and spouses can use at the Inns of the Corps. The main lodging for families on Marine Corps Base Hawaii is the Inn by the H-3 Gate.

“As long as pets have the proper vaccinations then they can be brought into the pet-friendly rooms,” Ng said. “The inn has a mini-kitchen with a household-sized refrigerator as well as gas grills and a sink area.”

There are also villas, cottages and cabanas along the Kaneohe Bay coast. These particular lodgings are recreational and will only be allowed if circumstances require their use. Service members are restricted to a time limit they can stay there.

 Inns of the Corps - $149
 Cabanas at Kaneohe Bay - $71
 Cottages at Kaneohe Bay - $133
 Villas at Kaneohe Bay - $200+

 Editor’s note: This is the sixth installment in the PCS series. Hawaii Marine staff is covering multiple topics about PCSing this month.

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