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Building 1 Complex

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
Redevelopment of the MARFORPAC HQ/OPS Center
at Camp H.M. Smith, Oahu, Hawaii

Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, has prepared a FONSI based on an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the redevelopment of the existing Marine Forces, Pacific (MARFORPAC) headquarters and operations (HQ/OPS) known as the Building 1 Complex.

Located at Camp H.M.Smith in the Halawa Heights area of Oahu, the redevelopment project will occur within the same 10.5-acre site as the existing Building 1 Complex. The new MARFORPAC HQ/OPS Center will have a footprint of 367,500 gross square feet (GSF) and be about 15,000 GSF smaller than the existing facility. The overall project is expected to take about ten years to complete with new construction occurring first to minimize operational impacts, followed by renovation, and then demolition. The FONSI also considers findings from the formal Section 106 consultation process regarding potential impacts to cultural resources.

Because of its age, condition, and World War II-era use (Aiea Heights Naval Hospital), the Building 1 Complex is functionally obsolete, has building and infrastructure deficiencies, and lacks sufficient usable space to have a secure, consolidated, functionally-adequate facility. When completed, the new HQ/OPS Center will result in a more compact and secure facility that will provide MARFORPAC and other commands with a functional, efficiently-configured command and control facility that will effectively support their mission-critical activities and provide opportunities for co-location and spatial proximity.

The EA, incorporating the FONSI, will be available for download (on the right side of this page) for a period of 30 days from August 5, 2016.