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Base Emergency Operations Center relocates

By Kristen Wong | Marine Corps Base Hawaii | August 02, 2013

MARINE CORPS BASE HAWAII -- The Marine Corps Base Hawaii Emergency Operations Center celebrated its new location with an open house in building 217, July 23, 2013.

The EOC, which serves as a central location for personnel to support the base during emergencies such as natural disasters. The staff of the EOC has awaited on funding and space for a new location since 2001.

“This is a huge step forward for the base with regard to preparation, response and recovery efforts of an emergency or disaster,” said Jacque Freeland, director, MCB Hawaii Mission Assurance Force Protection. “Thanks should go to our MCB Hawaii Facilities and Communications Department staff for their great support in preparing the facility for this new mission.”

The new EOC is located on the second floor of building 217. Among other new features, the EOC houses more than 30 computer stations which unit or department representatives will be able to use in an emergency.

Prior to the move, the EOC was located on the second floor of building 216. The former location of the EOC could only house 15 computers and staff members. During emergencies, representatives from various departments and units on base are tasked with supporting the base. However, in the past, representatives were crowded into this small room.

The new location allows easier access to the staff’s geographical information system, which provides fast details about the base in emergencies. The center also includes a teleconference room with Secret Internet Protocol Router network capabilities: a command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence communications suite, which is used for reporting to higher authorities in the Navy and Marine Corps and mass notification system terminals.

“The new location offers more space and an environment conducive to the rapid response of emergencies aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii, including Camp H.M. Smith, Manana Housing, Puuloa Range Training Facility and Marine Corps Training Area Bellows,” said Aleena O’Connor, MCB Hawaii Emergency Operation Center Coordinator. “The new MCB Hawaii Emergency Operations Center is better equipped to handle any emergency and has plenty of room to grow in the future.”
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