S-7/PMO / Third Party Traffic Violation Reporting

Honolulu Police Department

Third Party Traffic Complaint allows anyone who witnesses a traffic violation, reckless or dangerous driving on or off base to have the Military or Civilian member's unit advised of his/her dangerous driving habits. The driver will receive a base traffic citation and be required to meet with the Base Traffic Court Magistrate. The witness (person filling out third party violation) will need to complete this form in its entirety and submit it to PMO. There is an email option on the form available if you have Acrobat PRO on your computer or device. Otherwise, you may print out the form and turn it in to PMO building 1096 to the Desk Sergeant. You must be prepared to attend traffic court, since you were the only witness to the driving violation.  Ensure you refer to Base Order P5500.15b  (Chapter 7; Traffic Regulations) for guidelines in issuing DoD citations.

Third Party Traffic Violation Reporting Form

Marine Corps Base Hawaii