S-7/PMO / Professional Standards Office

 (808) 257-6976 or (808) 257-2123 (after-hours)

The Professional Standards Office is charged with ensuring the integrity of the Provost Marshal's Office (PMO) by conducting fair and impartial investigations into allegations of misconduct. The Professional Standards Office conducts both Administrative and Criminal Investigations.


Administrative Investigations

Administrative Investigations (AI) involve allegations of policy and/or procedure violations.  The findings are forwarded to the Provost Marshal for review and appropriate action.  The Provost Marshal also conducts staff inspections of PMO's internal operations, administrative procedures, personnel, equipment, health and safety practices, and for any other requirements that may be necessary or evident to identify performance efficiency characteristics.


Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations involve matters that violate Rules and Regulations outlined in the UCMJ and/or State, Federal or Local Laws. Allegations of assault, theft, etc., are investigated thoroughly and presented to the applicable entity for their disposition.



Everyone is encouraged to report PMO misconduct in an effort to address public concern, correct inappropriate behavior, and uphold the public's trust in PMO.
Please use these forms to report any inappropriate or illegal action by Provost Marshal Office (PMO) personnel so that these incidents can be fully investigated::

Written Complaint Instructions

Written Complaint Form

Written Complaint Additional Space and Signature Page

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