PMO/Base Registration

Vehicle Registration

Registration of vehicles is required by active-duty service members, reservists on Active Duty for Operational Support orders, reserve service members in the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) or an Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA) Unit, dependents, civilian employees who live or work aboard MCBH within 30 days of arrival. Retirees are encouraged to register their vehicles.  Refer to MCBH Base Order 5532.1 Chapter 5.

*Barracks residents are authorized to register one automobile and one motorcycle only*

  • Visitor Contractor Center aka Pass House - located at Bldg. 1637 by MCBH Main Gate, Mon – Fri 0600 - 1400

  • PMO Service Center - located at Bldg. 1095 first floor, Mon-Fri, 0730-1530

  • Camp Smith Pass & ID - Bldg. 601, Mon-Fri, 0630-1500

In all cases, the following documentation is required:

  • Military, military family member, or civilian ID.

  • A valid State operator's license. Temporary or provisional licenses, international driver's license, and permits do not satisfy the requirement for registration. (Please note some states do not honor automatic extensions for military and require you to renew or carry a form in addition to your license.  Check with your current state DMV)

  • A current State vehicle registration, temporary registration, notarized Bill of Sale, or transferred title.

  • Hawaii Out of State Permit. Personnel who wish to keep their out of state license plates must obtain a State of Hawaii Out of State Permit before a long-term vehicle pass is issued.

  • Safety Inspection. All privately owned vehicles, regardless of the state of registration, must have a valid State of Hawaii inspection decal.

  • Proof of Hawaii No-Fault liability insurance. The minimum insurance coverage(s) in Hawaii are as follows:

    • $20,000 bodily injury per accident.

    • $40,000 bodily injury per person.

    • $10,000 property damage.

  • Proof of completion of the MarineNet Driver Awareness Training (or equivalent) for military members under the age of 26.

  • MCBH Vehicle Registration form signed by and E8 or above within the service members command is required for E5 and below.

  • A registered owner of a MV registered aboard MCBH will notify the VC within 24-hours of their transfer from, or termination of, employment. The transfer of title, sale, or significant change of vehicle appearance (e.g., painted a different color) must also be reported.


Registration of Motorcycles and Moped for Active Duty or Reserves will need the above as well as:

  • Course Current BRC/ARC/BRC2/ERC/MSRC

  • Motorcycle permit or license with motorcycle endorsement OR provide enrollment in the motorcycle

All motorcycles entering MCBH are required to be in compliance with MCBHO 5100.23 and III MEF-MCIPAC_MCBBO 5100.1.

Falsifying information contained in an application to permanently register a vehicle may warrant disciplinary action or prosecution.

For additional questions regarding vehicle registration, please call (808)257-0183 / (808)257-2047 / (808)477-8735.


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