S-6/Base Intranet Access

Access to the MCB Hawaii Intranet/Base SharePoint sites is restricted to DoD users only, and requires a Hybrid Cloud Services (HCS) account.

If you already have an HCS account, you can access the Intranet site at this URL:  Please ensure that you use the DoD authentication certificate for access.  If you cannot access the Intranet, then you need an HCS account.

To get an HCS account, your government POC (military or civilian; contractors cannot be a government POC) will need to fill out this form:  The government POC will need to have a valid HCS account to use the form. A MCB Hawaii SharePoint site must be selected in the dropdown field in order for S-6 to process the form.  If a a non-MCB Hawaii site is selected, the form will be processed by that site's administrator.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii