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Earth Month 2020 - Marines Training at Sunrise

April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  It’s hard to believe—FIFTY years of celebrating the beauty of our home, Planet Earth.  We are all aware that Mother Earth and the billions of flora and fauna we share her with exist in a delicate balance.  Over the last few decades, humankind has made incredible strides in protecting our natural resources, the military included.  Federal regulations and Base orders can be very strict and sometimes inconvenient, but the rules are written for a reason—our own good!  U.S. Marines and Navy personnel cannot continue to train on Mokapu Peninsula if we don’t adhere to policies and procedures. So, the Environmental Compliance & Protection Division (ECPD) exists to help us stay in the green zone by offering advice and guidance.

The ECPD mission is to carry out the functions of compliance with natural and cultural resource management, pollution prevention, conservation, installation restoration, training, outreach, and education to protect human health and the environment, but most importantly to ensure that U.S. Marines can continue to train on this beautiful Base. The small group of Marines and civilians at the ECPD is responsible for helping Marines continue to train while endangered Hawaiian monk seals rest on the beach, waterbirds flourish in the wetlands, and red-footed boobies nest on the fringes of Ulupaʻu Range Training Facility. Tons of glass, cardboard, paper, and metals such as brass from shell casings are recycled instead of going to local landfills.  Airplanes and helicopters continue to fly while endangered birds nest in nearby coastal wetlands.  So, when it comes time for your Environmental Compliance Inspection, realize that the ECPD is helping MCBH remain compliant with federal and state laws to protect human health and our home not only for ourselves but for future generations.

Mālama i ka ʻāina—care for and live in harmony with the land.  Earth day every day!

Help us celebrate Earth Month 2020!  Be sure to check our daily posts on Facebook throughout the month for Earth-friendly articles and activities. Random drawings for prizes will be held when COVID-19 social distancing has been lifted.

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