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ICE Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Gas & More (MCCS) re: Prices on Marine Corps Base Hawaii
We constantly strive to offer a fair value to our customers. The current volatility of the market and frequent fluctuating cost of crude oil has made competitive pricing of gasoline very challenging.

We conduct frequent gasoline price surveys in our Kailua/Kaneohe market area. In establishing our prices, we take into consideration our market area price survey, prices at other military bases, our operational expenses here locally at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and at Headquarters Marine Corps, and our requirement to provide financial support for other Marine Corps quality of life programs. We also incur an additional transportation cost for gasoline deliveries to this side of the island. These factors combined may result in a difference in pricing with our sister services, sometimes higher, but sometimes lower, as well.

802 Housing Maintenance Department
To reach the 802 Housing Maintenance Department: The number for 802 Housing Maintenance is (808)257-2042. For After Hours Emergency calls, the number is (808)528-6802 which is handled by Family Housing Office’s Answering Service. For more numbers, refer to your Resident Handbook

MCCS & the Request of Social Security Numbers
MCCS Hawaii activities have been instructed to no longer use SSNs in the RecTrac point-of-sale system except when required for check verification through AAFES. All RecTrac activities including the Marina, Klipper Golf, Self-Storage Lockers, Auto Skills, Semper Fit, Aquatics, K-Bay Lanes and the Single Marine and Sailor Program have received instructions for auto-generating households without requiring the SSN. Activities requiring assistance with the procedures will receive support through the MIS Help Desk.

Navy Medical Clinic and Pharmacy
The Navy Medical Clinic and Pharmacy’s phone system on MCBH is serviced by the Navy Base Communications Office at Pearl Harbor. CISD has no oversight of Pharmacy phone problems.

The baggers do not work for the Commissary. They are independent contractors who are allowed to conduct their business at the store. Self Checkout registers have had performance problems. The issue is being worked in order to provide full operational registers 100% of the time.

Commissary ICE Access
As of August 2011, Commissary Comment Cards for Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) commissaries will no longer be listed in ICE. Customers will need to access DeCA's own web site (, if they wish to provide feedback about commissary service. 
Friends of K Bay Program
The program was established as a Base Order to provide access to the Base for civilian guests of authorized patrons. Each of the guests has a sponsor that is responsible for their actions while on base. The program allows vehicle access to the golf course, bowling center and Officers Club only. It does not allow open Base access. The Beach specifically is off-limits to all Friends of K-Bay. For a copy of the Base Order you may refer to Base Order 1701.75A.

Should you see any unauthorized civilians or Friends of K-Bay utilizing the beach, you are encouraged to call PMO to report them. PMO is responsible for enforcing the unauthorized use of the beaches. If a Friend of K-Bay is located at the beach, their pass will be immediately revoked and not renewed for a minimum of 24 months.

In regards to civilians using the clubs and golf course, the Marine Corps Order allows for civilians to utilize the clubs. As you know the clubs are not supported by Appropriated Funds and they are required to generate enough sales to meet their financial objectives. Accepting civilian diners only helps the clubs financially to keep them as viable entities. In regards to the golf course, MCCS protects active duty Marines with priority tee times allowing them to call in tee times six days in advance. Friends of K-Bay can make a tee time two days in advance Monday thru Thursday only.

These tee times help fill the course up in the off time periods and do not take away from the weekend and holiday tee time availability.
Golf tournaments are used as community service events by the Commanding Officer. These events are individually approved by the CO and are scheduled on Monday thru Thursday only.

Anderson Hall
Comment: Would like to see the policy concerning rolled sleeves and camel backs go away. Infantry Marines are often training around MCBH which requires the Marines to have their sleeves rolled down and camel backs on. That is the appropriate uniform. The chow hall is becoming more like a restaurant and not a "Chow Hall" for Marines.
Follow-Up Notes The answer to your question is very simple. The CMC has directed that sleeves will be rolled up as stated in MCO P1020.34G, ALMAR's 035/07 and 07/08 and BO 1020.5c. Sleeves will be rolled up when not in a training or field environment. Nowhere does it exempt the infantry from this order and this is not a mess hall order, it is a MC order. I have spoken at the SgtMaj's meetings and I will tell you that every one of them has echoed their support as well. As far as the camelbacks and other gear, it is a force protection issue and we have neither the personnel nor the means to inspect the contents. Additionally, we have had Marines/Sailors attempt to fill their bags and camelbacks with food items and try to take them from the mess hall. Bottom line, neither of these issues is going to change. Sleeves must be up and all personnel need to leave their gear in their rooms or place them under a gear guard, outside of the mess hall.

Motorcycle PPE Requirements
The change to motorcycle PPE requirements for Marines - vests - originates from the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Per CMC Washington DC message 071442AZ May 2009; ACMC has directed the elimination of color and reflective requirements applicable to motorcycle outerwear as previously. This effectively eliminates the requirement to wear a Motorcycle Vest during day or night as well as any quantification of color or reflective requirements related to motorcycle outerwear. Also, MCO 5100.19E is currently undergoing revision and will reflect the elimination of the vests within the contents of the Order.

As for the Navy, they have made some adjustments at Pearl Harbor where the vest is not required during the day, but some sort of reflective garment, piping or vest is required during the evening/early morning hours. For more information regarding Naval regulations at Pearl Harbor, please contact Regional Safety Department at 474-3447.

DEERS/ID Card Center (Building 1044, Room 102)
Making an appointment is recommended to significantly reduce the wait time of your visit.  Kindly keep in mind that walk-in customers are seen on a first come, first served basis, after customers with appointments. An additional item of note, wait times can take up to two 2 hours. Avoid possible delay by scheduling an appointment. or call (808) 257-2077

Military Clothing Supply Store (MCCS) (Bldg 1090)
Where is the Military Clothing Store located?
Military Clothing is located in the Marine Corps Exchange Annex, Building 1090, on Selden St. aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay.  Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 0900-2100 and Sundays & Holidays 0900-1900. Phone numbers: 808-254-7614/7616
Does the Military Clothing Store aboard Kaneohe Bay supply Navy uniforms?

The Military Clothing Store provides an assortment of Navy uniforms to support Naval personnel stationed on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. It has recently expanded its selection in order to offer better support to our Sailors on the Marine Corps Base. These uniforms include the new Navy P.T. uniform, the Navy enlisted Service Uniform (in both men’s and women’s sizes), and the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) in unisex sizes. They also offer an assortment of rank insignia and devices, NWU covers, black and khaki service garrison covers, white Dixie covers, all MARPAT covers, as well as undershirts and boot socks for the Navy uniforms.

What approved Navy footwear do you provide?
The Military Clothing Store offers an assortment of boots and shoes to include the boots for the NWU and black, brown, and white leather dress oxfords for the service uniforms. They also can do special orders as needed.
How can I purchase a uniform item that the Military Clothing Store does not have on hand?

The Military Clothing Store can provide special ordering for all its customers when needed. Also available within the store is the “Red Phone” that dials the Navy and Marine Corps Uniform hotline for customer convenience. This phone hotline can be used to order uniform items and have them shipped to them free of charge within two business days. Customers can also call 1-800-368-4088 or visit them on the web at if they would like to utilize this service from home..