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Home Based Businesses

Home Based Business Approvals

  • The Command Inspector General approves all home-based businesses that are operated aboard MCB Hawaii per Base Order P5500.15B.
  • Examples of Home Businesses include: AVON, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Home Interior Decorations, Creative Memories, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Photography, etc.
  • In-home childcare is regulated through MCCS; any such request will be referred to them.
  • The following types of business are prohibited:
    • Businesses that do not represent good taste, or is not conducive to good order and discipline aboard the Base will be disapproved (Passion Parties, sex toy sales, etc).
    • Businesses dealing with hazardous substances.
    • Businesses that board or breed animals for profit.
    • Businesses that produce noise or odors detectable outside the quarters, or generate excessive trash.
    • Businesses that cause a neighborhood nuisance or create traffic or parking problems.
    • Businesses that increase the utility/water or electricity cost in base housing.
    • Businesses that require the occupant to prepare food out of the confines of their home.
  • Procedures:
    • Command Inspector General receives written request for home-based business. The request should contain the following information:
      • Individual's Name
      • Name of the proposed business.
      • A statement of what type of business to be conducted and the service your business will provide.
      • Address of the business (home address).
      • Brochures or business cards pertaining to the business.
      • Copy of the State of Hawaii General Excise Tax License/number
        Sample Home Business Request Letter
        • An application for a general excise tax license, Form BB-1, must be completed and submitted to the Department with a $20 license fee prior to doing business in the State.
        • A "one-time" license may be requested if you do not anticipate doing any additional business in the State.
        • Licenses may be obtained by mail or in person from any district tax office.)
    • Inspector Admin Chief sends a letter requesting a recommendation from to MCCS to verify that the business is not a conflict of interest with a service they provide. It is also routed to the Ohana Military Communities (A Hunt Military Community) (quarters modifications, excessive use of utilities, nuisance to neighbors) for their approval. If there are questionable legal issues, it is also sent to the SJA for a legal opinion/review.
    • After MCCS’s, Base Housing's and SJA's (when applicable) letter of recommendation is received, the Inspector Admin Chief will prepare an approval letter to conduct the business and send it to requesting individual.
    • All home-based businesses are required to renew their authorization annually (from the initial approval date).
    • Email all requests to