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Debarment Appeals

Base Bar List

  1. The Command Inspector General administers the Base Bar List per Base Order 5510.20B (dated 5 Oct 2011).
  2. The CO has given wide latitude to the Inspector for barring undesirable individuals.
  3. Individuals are barred for serious offenses normally related to narcotics, larceny or destruction of government or private property, terrorist threatening, etc.
  4. The three types of debarment which can be awarded:
    **Temporary (normally 10 day issues by MPD).
    **Zero to Three years for lesser offense
  5. MCB Hawaii maintains a reciprocal agreement with other military bases on island (they send us who they bar and we add them to our bar list and visa versa).
  6. Others may be barred as ordered by the Base Magistrate.
  7. Procedures:
    **Individual being barred has ten (10) days to appeal the barment.
    **Appeal request for family members and/or dependants require sponsor’s command endorsement.
    **Appeal request for civilian employees aboard the installation require employer’s endorsement.
      Sample Appeal Request Letter .
  8. Email all requests to