MCBH Requires Masks Indoors
30 Jul 2021

In accordance with new CDC guidelines and corresponding Department of Defense requirements, Marine Corps Base Hawaii has implemented a new mask-wearing policy regardless of immunization status.

Masks shall be worn on MCBH in an indoor setting unless an individual is:
- Alone (or with members of their household) in their housing, barracks room, private outdoor space or vehicle.
- Alone in an office with floor-to ceiling walls with a closed door.
- Eating or drinking for brief periods (while maintaining appropriate distancing of six feet or more).
- Required to lower the mask briefly for identification of individuals, for security purposes.
- A child under the age of two or dealing with a disability that requires special accommodations.
- Operating machinery, tools or conducting activities in which wearing a mask creates a hazard or is not feasible.

To read the DoD memo referenced, please visit:

Capt. Eric Abrams

Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Marine Corps Base Hawaii