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Unit News
Be Prepared: Hurricane season begins aboard MCBH May 29, 2018
Marine for a Day: Operation Ooh-Rah Kids gives children a taste of the Corps April 2, 2018
3rd Radio Battalion Marines conduct rescue on the Waimanalo Mountains March 2, 2018
MCBH constructs modern barracks for future Service members March 2, 2018
NASA flies science missions over Hawaii, operating from MCBH February 28, 2018
PMO works to dispose of abandoned vehicles on base February 16, 2018
DDPP provides service to Marine Corps Base Hawaii February 8, 2018
ARFF conducts ‘Wheel Fire’ training February 8, 2018
Semper Fit holds grand reopening of HITT center February 5, 2018
MWDs and their partners keep guard aboard MCBH February 1, 2018