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MCBH Stories
Tag: Operational

Cultivating a counterinsurgency mindset: 3/3 Marines polish infantry skills for fall deployment August 15, 2011
Purpose in the Process: ‘America’s Battalion’ finishes training in Hawaii, prepares for Mojave Viper in California August 2, 2011
From Rifles to Ravens: 3/3 infantrymen cross train using unmanned aircraft systems July 12, 2011
Marine translates experience into action, earns prestigious award for intelligence work in Afghanistan April 29, 2011
Prioritizing the prevalent threats: 3/3 Marines patrol to improve counter-IED measures April 29, 2011
Missions change, goodbyes remain the same: "Kings of Battle" Marines depart on first deployment to Afghanistan April 26, 2011
Rejoining the fight: 1/3 Lava Dogs leave for Afghanistan deployment April 13, 2011
'To honor their blood...with our sweat': Marines honor the fallen December 16, 2010
Conduits for Progress: “America’s Battalion” returns successful from Afghanistan deployment December 10, 2010
3rd Radio Battalion takes to field, mixes it up with moulage November 5, 2010
Top Corps Stories
Tag: Operational

Marines participate in a Moldova Embassy reinforcement exercise July 24, 2017