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A total of 204 participants run down the streets of the Officer’s Club as they start the Surf & Turf 5K race June 20, 2015. This race was the sixth race this year of the Commanding Officer’s Fitness Series.

Photo by Cpl. Khalil Ross

Running from land to shining sea

26 Jun 2015 | Cpl. Khalil Ross Marine Corps Base Hawaii

A stroll downhill to the beach and back is just what the 204 participants of the Surf & Turf 5K wanted Saturday morning at The Officers’ Club.

Participants went out to run in the sixth race this year of the Commanding Officer’s Fitness Series. Not only was the race part of the series but it was also a part of the 101 Days of Summer Program.

Avery Torres, who placed first overall with a time of 20 minutes, 25 seconds, said he thoroughly enjoyed the five-kilometer race.

“It was fun,” the Santa Ana, Calif., native said. “I enjoyed running this course because it was challenging.”

Torres said the sand was difficult at first, but as he came around again, he had the footing down and took off. He said the sand and uphill portion may have slowed his time down but he was still able to cross the finish line first.

Torres said he had to give credit to the other runners who pushed him to work harder for the win. He said he has run in other races of the fitness series and has gotten the chance to build rivalries and compete with many people.

“I enjoy meeting other people and having a good time,” Torres said. “It’s a great way to start up a conversation and (build connections).”

Torres said he has heard people say running isn’t a sport, but he brings up the point that running is the basic function in all sports. Using football and soccer as an example, he said people run in these sports, so why not get a little practice on the weekends with these races?

Krista Shipes, the athletic director of Semper Fit, said the race was successful.

“The goal of the race was to provide a fun and challenging 5-kilometer run for all participants,” Shipes said. “(It also) brought the military and civilian communities together for a great race.”

Shipes said each race is a fundraiser for a different unit and this race in particular helped 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment, raise approximately $3,000.

The races are open to the general public. The next race is the Runway Run 5K on July 4, which is run on the flight line. For more information on the fitness series races, visit

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