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  • The Command Inspector General approves all fundraising requests to be held aboard MCB Hawaii per Base Order 5760.5A
  • Procedures:
    • Inspector's Office receives written request for fundraiser. The request should contain the following information:
      • Organization requesting the fundraiser
      • Inclusive dates of the fundraiser
      • Material to be sold, collected, prices, and method
      • Location for the fundraiser
      • Purpose for which funds will be expended 
        Fundraiser Request Form
    • Command Inspector General reviews the request and determines if SJA or MCCS needs to provide a recommendation prior to approval (at times SJA and MCCS needs to be consulted as to the legal ramification for certain fundraisers on a military installation or the use of certain facilities aboard the base)
    • After SJA or MCCS recommendation (if applicable), Base Inspector Office shall provide letter of approval for fundraiser
  • Unauthorized Fundraisers:
    • Food resale of any type (plate lunches, hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas, pizza, Huli-huli chicken, donuts, etc.) with the exception Girl Scout and Boy Scout products (Girl Scout Cookies, Boy Scout Popcorn, etc.)
    • Off base organizations (school clubs, sports teams, charities, Boy Scouts units, Girl Scouts units, etc.)
    • Door-to-door solicitation in family housing and bachelors' quarters is prohibited.
  • The Command Inspector General periodically inspects tenant commands to ensure no illegal fundraising or resale activities are occurring. Findings are reported to Base Commander and tenant unit chain of command.
  • Email all requests to
  • Per BaseO 5760.5A, submit your request 10 business days prior to the event.