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Fishing Aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii

You Must Obey State and Federal Laws Regarding Fishing Prohibitions and Regulations on Marine Corps Base Hawaii

In Addition to State and Federal Laws, Marine Corps Base Hawaii Has Its Own Prohibitions and Regulations

Gear Restrictions:

  • You must attend all of your fishing gear at all times
  • You are not allowed to possess gill nets, lay nets or cross nets and throw nets must have a minimum stretched mesh size of more than two inches.
  • Do not have crab nets more than three feet in diameter and the use of more than three nets per person is prohibited.
  • You must accompany children under 13 years old if they are using or possessing a spear gun (“arbolete” type).
  • Spear guns must be registered with MPD (Base Security and Access Control Order).
  • You may have scoop nets for the capture of bait fish, but do not have nets exceeding three feet (including the handle). 

Authorized Fishing Locations

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Catch Regulations
Small chart of catch regulations.
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