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Base Passes

Long and short term vehicle passes for retired and active duty personnel, dependents, houseguests and civilian employees can be issued at both the pass house and vehicle registration.

Non-Military Affiliated Sponsored Guests must be accompanied by an authorized sponsor, with the correct credentials, at the pass house to receive a pass.

Contractors and Vendors must get their vehicle passes at the Pass House.

***Barracks residents are authorized to register one automobile and one motorcycle only***

What you need to get a pass:

You must have the following to receive a pass:

  1. Current Hawaii State registration/Out of State Hawaii Registration
  2. Current Hawaii No-Fault insurance
  3. Current Hawaii State safety inspection
  4. A valid state driver’s license (Please note some states do not honor automatic extensions for military and require you to renew or carry a form in addition to your license. For example California requires military to carry a DL-236 with an expired license)
  5. A DOD authorized identification card
  6. Completed MCBH Vehicle Registration Form (E-5 and Below with E-8 or above signature)

MCBH Vehicle Registration Form

Motorcycle and Moped for Active Duty or Reserves will need in addition to the above:

  1. Current BRC/ARC/BRC2/ERC/MSRC
  2. Motorcycle Permit or License with motorcycle endorsement OR provide enrollment in motorcycle course

For additional questions regarding vehicle registration please call (808) 257-0183 or (808) 257-2047.

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