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Wildlife Facts

The Pacific contains 90% of the US coral reefs. Marine Corp Base Hawaii is the only Marine Corps Base with coral reefs

MCB Hawaii is home to approximately 10% of the endangered Hawaiian Stilt population in Hawaii

The US spends $2M per year to prevent the brown tree snake from entering Hawaii

The Marine Corps has spent over $2.5M to remove approx 30 acres of non-native invasive mangrove from the base’s Nu’upia Ponds complex since the early 1980s.

Hawaii has 317 listed endangered plants, animals and insects – more than any other state.

7 endangered species historically inhabit the waters and land on and around MCB Hawaii:

  • Humpback whale
  • Hawaiian Monk seal
  • Green sea turtle
  • Hawaiian Coot
  • Hawaiian Gallinule (Moorhen)
  • Hawaiian Duck
  • Hawaiian Black-necked Stilt.
  • The Nu’upia Ponds encompasses 517 acres.

MCB Hawaii has 128 acres of wetlands

MCB Hawaii’s Ulupa’u Crater Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is one of only two main Hawaiian island locations that support large Red-footed Booby colonies; the other is the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge on Kauai managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service.