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Houseguest Privileges & Commercial Activity Requests

Houseguest Privileges Requests

House Guests are individuals sixteen (16) or older, who are visiting military members (active duty and retired) who reside on or off MCBH are eligible for this pass. Residents of Oahu do not qualify for House Guest privileges. Sponsors requesting to sponsor a house guest visiting more than 72 hours must submit a House Guest form to the PMO Service Center/Vehicle Registration and MCBH Family Housing Department at least ten (10) working days prior to the visit to allow sufficient time to conduct a security investigation.  These passes are valid for the duration of the visit, not to exceed 30 days, but are renewable. House Guests with passes are not authorized entry to the commissary, nor does it permit purchase of merchandise at MCCS facilities.

If the guest will be staying in on-base housing for 30 or more days, the sponsoring resident must also submit a separate request to the housing office (Ohana Military Communities (Forest City) for PPV residents) through his or her chain of command explaining the visit and requesting permission for the guest to stay at the home for an extended period. Extended visits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be for the benefit of the military sponsor or his or her command sponsored dependents. Visits for the benefit of an adult guest will not be approved. Guardianship papers, power-of-attorney, or other legal authorization must be provided for minor guests.

If the security check is satisfactory, the PMO Service Center will notify the sponsor for pick up and the sponsor must hand-deliver the approved security check to the respective Housing Office for approval. If the security check is unsatisfactory, the PMO Service Center will notify the sponsoring resident of no access to MCBH.

Process for Submitting Houseguest Forms:

  1. Houseguest forms are available for pick up at:
    • Pass House - located at Bldg. 1637 by MCBH Main Gate, 7 days a week, 0600-1745
    • PMO Service Center - located at Bldg. 1095 first floor, M-F, 0730-1630
    • Camp Smith - Bldg. 601, M-F, 0630-1545

  2. Complete the form in its entirety. Forms that are submitted incomplete will delay the process.
    • Sponsors information
    • You will need your house guests full legal name, Full Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, Address, Phone Number, and Date of Birth

  3. Return Completed House Guest form to:
    • Pass House - located at Bldg. 1637 by MCBH Main Gate, 7 days a week, 0600-1745
    • PMO Service Center - located at Bldg. 1095 first floor, M-F, 0730-1630
    • Camp Smith - Bldg. 601, M-F, 0630-1545

  4. Sponsor will be notified by PMO Service Center of satisfactory or unsatisfactory security check.
    1. House Guest Forms with a satisfactory security check must be picked up by the sponsor and taken to the respective Housing Office for approval if staying in on-base housing. If the guest is staying for less than 30-days, the Housing Office will enter the last day of the guest stay.
      • If the guest is staying in on-base housing for 30- or more days, the Housing Office, upon receipt of House Guest Approval Form and the separate request for an extended guest through the sponsoring resident’s chain of command, will review the documents and make a determination as to whether the guest is approved to stay in on-Base housing.
    2. House Guests with an unsatisfactory security check will not be permitted on MCBH. House guest may request a waiver by contacting Jenna Rivera by email or by phone (808) 257-1057.

  5. The Housing Office will notify the sponsor upon approval. Sponsor will need to pick up approved house guest form.

  6. Upon House Guests arrival sponsor must accompany their guest(s) to either the Pass House or the PMO Service Center to receive their house guest card and vehicle pass (if needed).

Commercial Activity Requests

Commercial Access Pass. These passes are restricted access passes issued to allow a civilian access to the installation on designated times and dates to provide reoccurring commercial services to housing residents for specific reasons such as health care, child care, lessons, etc. Apply for a commercial access pass at the Pass House, building 1637 at the H-3 Gate, Kaneohe Bay. The following procedures apply:

  1. Sponsors must complete a Commercial Activity Request Form and attach a letter clearly stating the reasons for the request at least five days before the first visit. The applicant’s full name, DOB and SSN are required.

  2. PMO will conduct a local and NCIC background check on the applicant. When approved, the sponsor must be present with the applicant when the pass is issued.

  3. Commercial Activity passes are valid for up to six months and are renewable. The pass is valid only for the dates, time and destination restrictions listed on the pass. Personnel may have their Commercial Activity pass revoked if accessing the installation outside the restrictions on the pass.
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